20 of the Best Godless Quotes from the Netflix Series

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These Godless quotes are sure to be loved by fans of the old wild west.

Godless is a streaming miniseries that was released on Netflix in 2017. It takes viewers back into the time of the 1800s in a western town.

The story follows an on-the-run outlaw who ends up in a town that’s mainly run by women. The majority of the men in the town died in a previous mining accident.

The outlaw, Roy, turned on the leader of his group, Frank, who also happened to be a father-like figure to him.

Roy grew tired of Frank’s behavior so he ended up stealing money from the group and taking off.

These Godless quotes help to tell the story.

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Godless quotes by Frank Griffin

1. “Sometimes men want me to kill them, so they can die attached to some purpose.” – Frank Griffin

2. “I learned to love Mr. Haight. He taught me with the stick and the bullwhip and the knife how to love. Same as I love Roy Goode now. For he is my son. I chose him. And that is a more powerful bond, a more powerful love than being born into it.” – Frank Griffin

3. “Good Book says pain is its own teacher.” – Frank Griffin

4. “Family is everything, son. Without family, we’re lost.” – Frank Griffin

5. “The same God that made you and me also made the rattlesnake.” – Frank Griffin

6. “Death ain’t such a big deal. It’s dying that’s no goddamn fun.” – Frank Griffin

7. “Ain’t nothing scarier than a man with a gun. And ain’t nothing more helpless than a man without one.” – Frank Griffin

8. “There’s different sorts of men. Some don’t have the taste for a fight, but they can talk, they can reason. That’s almost as good. Then there’s some men who can only talk through their guns or their fists. There ain’t no reasoning with a man like that. A man like that comes at you, you best just be prepared to meet him.” – Frank Griffin

9. “Mister, you clearly don’t know where you are. Look around. There ain’t no higher-up around here to watch over you and your youngins. This here’s the paradise of the locust, the lizard, the snake. It’s the land of the blade and the rifle. It’s godless country. And the sooner you accept your inevitable demise, the longer you all are gonna live.” – Frank Griffin

10. “I’ve seen my death. This ain’t it.” – Frank Griffin

Godless quotes by Mary Agnes McNue

11. “Safe is one of those funny words. Sometimes means something different to the person who says it and person who hears it.” – Mary Agnes McNue

12. “Plenty of ways to say hello don’t involve words.” – Mary AGnes McNue

13. “Ain’t nothing so fragile as a young man.” – Mary Agnes McNue

Godless quotes by Callie Dunne

14. “Wh**es are always the richest people in town.” – Callie Dunne

15. “There’s more words for wh**e than there is for doctor or lawyer.” – Callie Dunne

16. “I know everything about you. How you feel. How you taste. How you smell. Hell, lady, I could find you in the dark.” – Callie Dunne

Godless quotes by Roy Goode

17. “If a person ain’t careful, they can make a profession out of revenge.” – Roy Goode

18. “I don’t judge another man unless I’ve walked in his shoes.” – Roy Goode

19. “A man alone can be invisible if he knows what he’s doing.” – Roy Goode

Godless quotes from other characters

20. “A town full of ladies… it’s ripe fruit for the wicked.” – Charlotte Temple

Which of these Godless quotes is your favorite?

Eventually, in the series, Roy’s old gang pinpoints where he is and sets out to find him. In response, the town comes together to help protect him and fight off the outlaws.

The show was popular, well-received, and won several awards while being nominated for many more.

Fans enjoyed seeing Jack Daniels take on the villainous role of Frank and viewers appreciated the strong acting from the cast.

If you enjoyed these Godless quotes from the miniseries but haven’t watched it yet, you’ll likely enjoy the show.

Reviews share about how the storytelling is purposeful and they also enjoy the stunning backdrops showcased throughout the episodes.

Did you enjoy these Godless quotes and lines? Which of the quotes is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

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