25 The Kissing Booth Quotes from the Romantic Teen Comedy

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The Kissing Booth quotes below will make you miss your best friends.

The Kissing Booth is a romantic teen drama series streaming on Netflix. It was based on a novel of the same name.

This series follows the story of two best friends, Elle Evans and Lee Flynn, who have a deep bond with each other.

As the story unfolds, fans find themselves on a roller coaster ride of emotion, which will always keep you on the edge of your seat every episode.

Elle and Lee came up with an idea of a kissing booth to raise funds for their school. This is where everything starts to be both exciting and complicated.

As best friends Elle and Lee develop a deep connection with each other and set rules to follow, and one of those rules is to keep no secret from each other. Enjoy our collection of The Kissing Booth quotes below!

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The Kissing Booth quotes from Elle

1. “Being my best friend doesn’t give you the right to tell me who I can love.” — Elle

2. “Most of all, I want to be my best friend’s laughter.” — Elle

3. “You’re lucky if you can even get one really good best friend in your life.” — Elle

4. “It turns out that sometimes people do find their way back to each other.” — Elle

5. “I love you, and I always, always want to be close to you.” — Elle

6. “People pass through our lives, some of them fade into memories, but a few become part of who you are.” — Elle

7. “Uh, sorry I ruined your make out sesh.” — Elle

8. “Your warmth, guidance, and kindness have been some of the best parts of my life, and I can’t begin to say how thankful I am for it.” — Elle

9. “But just so you know, my boobs are fantastic!” — Elle

10. “That’s Mrs. Flynn, she’s sort of a surrogate mom to me. I couldn’t have made it through the years without her.” — Elle

11. “It was at that exact moment that I finally felt okay.” — Elle

12. “It’s not your job to monitor my dating life. Do you understand me?” — Elle

13. “Oh, and get this. I even wound up kissing your brother.” — Elle

14. “I am assuming the T-shirt means you saw me in my underwear?” — Elle

The Kissing Booth quotes from Elle

15. “I cannot just be another one of your conquests.” — Elle

16. “Any excuse for a fight, right?” — Elle

17. “Sitting here in front of no one in particular, I’m saying I love you.” — Elle

18. “The difference from what you expected to what actually happens can make you look at the future in a very different way.” — Elle

19. “Maybe it’s because it’s less about what I want to be and more about who I want to be.” — Elle

20. “All those things together is who I want to be in five years.” — Elle

21. “You obviously couldn’t see this, but my heart just did a backflip.” — Elle

22. “Just call me an earthquake, because I am legit shook right now.” — Elle

23. “We are going to need slushies, churros, and an a–load of quarters.” — Elle

24. “I just happen to be holding some list that says we could make this our best summer yet.” — Elle

25. “Sometimes, there are goodbyes so hard to do, you just wanna skip ’em.” — Elle

As they prepare for the most awaited event on their campus, Elle finds herself entangled with a burst of feelings for Noa, Lee’s “off-limit” brother which will complicate their friendship with each other. This instantly violates a series of rules as Elle and Noa set out to build their friendship.

This series tackles the problematic topic of true friendship between a boy and a girl. In this seemingly complex world, can love and genuine friendship co-exist without ruining each other? This complicated yet super exciting series has kept fans entertained but it’s not for younger kids.

After reading these The Kissing Booth quotes and sayings, send a message to your best friend and tell them how much you appreciate them for the years they spent with you.

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