25 The OA Quotes Full of Mystery & Drama

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These OA quotes will make you regret that this series was canceled after just 2 seasons.

The OA is a mystery drama series streaming on Netflix. It is a combination of cult fiction, sci-fi, supernatural, and thriller packed in one masterful series.

The series revolves around Prairie Johnson, who has been missing for seven years and suddenly finds her way back to her hometown.

The only weird thing is that she now calls herself “The OA” and regains her vision despite being born blind.

This series involves wild cinematic concepts and art as if they are drawn out straight from the imagination.

The vagueness of the storytelling keeps each episode interesting and mind-boggling at the same time. Enjoy these OA quotes!

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The OA quotes from Prairie Johnson

1. “The biggest mistake I made was believing that if I cast a beautiful net I’d catch only beautiful things.” — Prairie Johnson

2. “You don’t really know something until your body knows it.” — Prairie Johnson

3. “People who want power will always try to control those who truly possess it.” — Prairie Johnson

4. “It’s not really a measure of mental health to be well-adjusted in a society that’s very sick.” — Prairie Johnson

5. “We all died more times than I can count.” — Prairie Johnson

6. “They said it would be invisible. Like jumping into an invisible current that just carries you away.” — Prairie Johnson

7. “There’s nothing more isolating than not being able to feel time. To not feel the distance between hours, days.” — Prairie Johnson

8. “Lab rats are only powerless because they don’t understand that they’re in an experiment. But they’re just as much a part of it as the scientist, in some ways even more.” — Prairie Johnson

9. “I want you to close your eyes. I want you to imagine everything I tell you as if you’re there yourself, as if you’re with me, as if you are me.” — Prairie Johnson

10. “I am not your lab partner. I am not your friend. I’m your slave. You want to know what happens on the other side? Put yourself in that machine and die for it.” — Prairie Johnson

11. “The first time you fall asleep in prison, you forget. You wake up a free woman. And then you remember that you’re not. You lose your freedom many times before you finally believe it.” — Prairie Johnson

12. “That’s what an angel is. Dust pressed into a diamond by the weight of this world.” — Prairie Johnson

13. “It’s one thing to make a plan. It’s another altogether to execute it.” — Prairie Johnson

14. “I’m not mentally ill, but I do think logic is overrated.” — Prairie Johnson

15. “The best place to hide something is in plain sight. Things that are hidden out in the open are the most difficult to see.” — Prairie Johnson

16. “What do the mafia and the p***y have in common? One slip of the tongue, and you’re in deep s***.” — Prairie Johnson

17. “You’re not a doctor, you’re not even a scientist, you’re a warden. No matter what dimension you’re in.” — Prairie Johnson

18. “You lose your freedom many times before you finally believe it?” — Prairie Johnson

19. “ I can tell you everything that I did wrong. I didn’t eat when I was hungry. Didn’t sleep when I was tired. Didn’t get warm when I was cold. It made me weak.” — Prairie Johnson

The OA quotes from Hunter Hap

20. “There’s no such thing as good and evil, black and white. There’s only gray. There’s only what a man can stand.” — Hunter Hap

21. “Everything good in this world takes getting used to.” — Hunter Hap

22. “There comes a time when we have to go further than what’s just right in front of us. It’s the spirit of exploration.” — Hunter Hap

23. “Order outside will generate order inside.” — Hunter Hap

24. “Near-death experiences are not glimpses into an afterlife. They’re glimpses into other lives.” — Hunter Hap

25. “It’s our inability to conceive those things that holds us back.” — Hunter Hap

It is amazing how The OA manages to throw various elements in the formula and manages to make it weird and brilliant at the same time.

It touches the theory of different dimensions and creates the story that we are all interconnected with each other through time and space.

Because of the bold interpretation of this series, the audience could not help but wonder what lies beyond death and if we still can find our loved ones in the afterlife or in another dimension.

Although this series is not for everybody, it still built a loyal following across the world. Many are wondering if this masterpiece would still get a chance to finish its story.

Hopefully, you enjoy these The OA quotes and sayings.

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