25 Wolf of Wall Street Quotes about Success, Money & Business

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Searching for quotes from the award-winning book and movie The Wolf of Wall Street? Below, you’ll find all of your favorite The Wolf of Wall Street quotes to relive the incredible story of Jordan Belfort. 

What’s your favorite scene from The Wolf of Wall Street?

Released in 2007, The Wolf of Wall Street is a memoir written by former stockbroker and trader Jordan Belfort. The book details Belfort’s meteoric rise to success as he lived a lifestyle filled with drugs, sex, and scheming. In 2013, a movie based on the memoir released starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, and Margot Robbie. 

Below are Wolf of Wall Street quotes from both the book and the movie which dive into topics of success, money, and business. 

Wolf of Wall Street quotes about success

1. “Whether you say, ‘I can’ or ‘I can’t,’ you’re right either way.” – Jordan Belfort

2. “If you give people a good enough ‘why’, they will always figure out the how.” – Jordan Belfort

3. “Hard work beats talent. Every time!” – Jordan Belfort

4. “You wanna know what money sounds like? Go to a trading floor on Wall Street.” – Jordan Belfort

5. “There is no nobility in poverty.” – Jordan Belfort

6. “I want you to deal with your problems by becoming rich!” – Jordan Belfort

7. “Risk is what keeps us young.” – Joanna Lumley

8. “Winners use words that say ‘must’ and ‘will’.” – Jordan Belfort

9. “When the window of opportunity open, that’s when you work twice as hard.” – Jordan Belfort

10. “I’ve got the guts to die. What I want to know is, have you got the guts to live?” – Jordan Belfort

Wolf of Wall Street quotes on money

11. “If you want to be rich, never give up. People tend to give up. If you have persistence, you will come out ahead of most people. More importantly, you will learn. When you do something, you might fail. But that’s not because you’re a failure. It’s because you have not learnt enough. Do it differently each time. One day, you will do it right. Failure is your friend.” – Jordan Belfort

12. “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.” – Jordan Belfort

13. “I want you to back yourself into a corner. Give yourself no choice but to succeed. Let the consequences of failure become so dire and so unthinkable that you’ll have no choice but to do whatever it takes to succeed.” – Jordan Belfort

14. “My name is Jordan Belfort. The year I turned 26, I made 49 million dollars, which really pissed me off because it was three shy of a million a week.” – Jordan Belfort

15. “When you live your life by poor standards, you inflict damage on everyone who crosses your path, especially those you love.” – Jordan Belfort

16. “I have been a rich man and I have been a poor man. And I choose rich every fucking time. Because at least as a rich man, when I have to face my problems, I show up in the back of a limo, wearing a $2,000 suit and a $40,000 gold fucking watch!” – Jordan Belfort

17. “I believe in total immersion, if you want to be rich, you have to program your mind to be rich. You have to unlearn all the thoughts that were making you poor and replace them with new thoughts – rich thoughts.” – Jordan Belfort

18. “The easiest way to make money is – create something of such value that everybody wants and go out and give and create value, the money comes automatically.” – Jordan Belfort

19. “If I earn a million dollars a week and the average American earns a thousand dollars a week, then when I spend twenty thousand dollars on something it’s the equivalent of the average American spending twenty dollars on something, right?” ― Jordan Belfort

20. “Money is the oxygen of capitalism and I wanna breathe more than any man alive.” – Jordan Belfort

21. “Successful people are 100% convinced that they are masters of their own destiny, they’re not creatures of circumstance, they create circumstance, if the circumstances around them suck they change them.” – Jordan Belfort

22. “Act as if! Act as if you’re a wealthy man, rich already, and then you’ll surely become rich. Act as if you have unmatched confidence and then people will surely have confidence in you.” – Jordan Belfort

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Funny Wolf of Wall Street quotes

23. “Let me give you some legal advice: Shut the fuck up!” – Agent Patrick Denham

24. “If anyone over here thinks I’m superficial or materialistic, go get a job at McDonald’s because that’s where you belong.” – Jordan Belfort

25. “I’ll tell you what: I’m never eating at Benihana again. I don’t care whose birthday it is.” – Donnie Azoff

What can you take from Jordan Belfort’s career?

Although Jordan Belfort’s career path lead to prison time, there are many points of inspiration to grasp from Belfort’s journey. One of them is that he never let his self-doubt or insecurities get in the way of his goals. He remained focused at all times during his pursuit of success. That undeniable focus is one of the main reasons why he reached such a high level of achievement.

In your everyday life, don’t let fear get in the way of your goals. Sometimes the largest hurdle between ourselves and our goals is our own self-doubt. 

Which of these Wolf of Wall Street quotes and lines is your favorite? Drop it in the comments section below. 

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