Best Six Tips On How To Stay Productive While High

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Staying productive is all about focusing on the task at hand without giving in to the distractions. But, you are likely to face several distractions after a drag of your favorite cannabis variant. While you’re high, you may not feel as productive and efficient as you used to during sober times. It’s about time that you give up on the misconception that cannabis causes you to become lazy or lethargic. Also, try to devise the right plan that makes you an efficient employee and a wholesome pothead. Start the day by setting some realistic goals and work on them for as long as you can. 

  1. Prepare To-Do Lists 

Before diving straight into the tasks, you must plan and prepare a to-do list. Writing your goals for the day clears your head off the distractions and brings in more clarity. Also, you are less likely to give in to the distractions with specific time durations for different tasks. Try to make doable goals to avoid getting disheartened in case you’re unable to finish the tasks. Not to forget, achieving realistic goals motivates you to work harder and longer the next day. The clarity of mind coupled with the motivating high of your marijuana strain makes the day a productive one. 

If you’re unable to set different goals, try working on a long project and set small goals. You can finish the task by dividing it into manageable small targets. 

  1. Take Care Of Nutrition 

While working, you might get caught up in finishing the to-do list and ignore the nutritional requirements of your body. You can maintain the productivity levels only through proper diet and adequate nourishment. Also, try to avoid calorie-laden snacks and stick to the light and healthy ones. Before smoking up your favorite strain from Get Kush Dispensary Canada, try to fill your tummy with a wholesome meal. A nutritious diet before the pot can minimize jitters and allow you to stay focused for longer durations. 

  1. Move Around A Bit 

When you’re stoned, you are prone to laziness and might procrastinate on essential tasks. If you wish to enhance your productivity levels, try to stay active and take minimal breaks. If you feel like pausing work, you can move around or go for a quick walk. Don’t fall into the trap of finishing work afterward due to euphoria or lethargy. Also, you can do some desk exercises to improve the energy levels and continue the project. Doing a quick round of sit-ups or pull-ups can beat the boredom and enhance your circulation. That way, your brain becomes alert and ready to go for another round of mental labor. 

Exercise in between work has physical as well as mental benefits. It increases the levels of feel-good hormones or endorphins in your body. All these effects contribute to a better mood and a productive day while you’re stoned. 

  1. Pace Up & Be Realistic 

Most of the time, you rush through the present task to complete the daily targets faster. It’s essential to realize your limits and do every job with the utmost efficiency. You can achieve this only through realistic planning and the ideal speed. Also, the need for pacing increases when you’re stoned and prone to distractions. Get onto the next task only after you finish the present one properly. 

Along with this, you can experiment for a day or two and find out the amount of work you can take on daily. Not only will it degrade the quality of work, but it also allows you to find your comfortable spot. 

  1. Choose The Ideal Strain 

If you opt for a quick vape session before starting the work, you must choose the ideal strain. Cannabis strains are available in multiple varieties that incorporate diverse effects on your system. While the Sativa-dominant strains induce an energetic high, the indica ones might lead to drowsiness and lethargy. You can opt for energizing strains like Durban Poison, Super Lemon Haze, and Green Crack. The right strain might facilitate productivity levels by increasing the attention span. Also, you get to experience a stimulating euphoria which makes your workday an enjoyable one. 

  1. Limit Distractions 

The level of alertness and productivity also depends upon the amount of distracting elements in your surroundings. Before starting, you must ensure that your workspace doesn’t contain possible distracting elements. You can keep your phone in the next room or turn the TV off to increase your attention span. Also, try to make the other people around you understand that you’re unavailable for the next few hours. Such conscious acts can alter your productivity and help you reach career-related goals. Not only will it help you focus, but it also allows you to finish the task in the first go. 

The Takeaway 

Every stoner out there wishes to stay productive while enjoying the diverse strains and their after-effects. If you’re a pothead experiencing frequent distractions during working hours, then you might need to make a few changes. Start with preparing a concrete to-do list and follow it at any cost. Also, you must set realistic goals and optimize the work speed according to the tasks at hand. Try not to compromise on nutrition and eat a balanced breakfast before smoking up.

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