Are there any ways to Fix the iPhone 13 Pro Battery Draining Issues?

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The iPhone 13 Pro Battery with its quick draining issue, is making a lot of users unhappy about it. Despite it being the best smartphone in 2022, users still prioritize buying the iPhone 13 in 2023 but are worried about the battery draining issue. iOS 15 is mainly the one to damage the iPhone 13 Pro Battery, which made the iPhone 13 Pro Battery drain more quickly than usual. But now it has the latest updates to Ios 16 but still, the issue remains. If you’re facing the same issue, you could try these fixes to resolve the iPhone 13 Pro Battery issues.

The iPhone 13 Pro did come with noticeable enhancements over its predecessors. However, the only issue reported is with the iPhone 13 Battery which many users are facing. Several users have raised this issue on social media and online forums what they are going through. Some even report that the iPhone 13 Pro Battery drains as well as heat up too during normal use. To fix iPhone 13 Pro Battery drain and other issues, follow these steps:

Switch to Low Power mode

Well, using the iPhone 13 Pro in Low Power Mode is perhaps not the most effective fix to maintain iPhone 13 Pro’s Battery life. But Low Power mode comes in handy, as it disables background refresh, automatic updates or downloads, and many other aspects. This feature can be simply turned on by:

  • From your home screen hop into Settings
  • Scroll down and Tap on Battery
  • Under the Battery settings, you will find the Low Power Mode
  • Tap on it and you‘re done

A simpler way to access the Low Power Mode, is that add it to your Control Center. To add the Lower Power Mode to your Control Center, go to:

  • Hop into Settings
  • Toggle and Tap on Control Center
  • From here Tap on Customize Controls
  • Add the Lower Mode

Keep location tracking to a minimum

Applications are hungry all day long, they keep trying to access your location in the background. These applications keep refreshing again and again juicing down the iPhone 13 Pro Battery. A simpler solution is to allow applications to track location only when it is active or open. As soon as the application is cleared or withdrawal is done, location services for that certain application must be disabled.

For this, you may have to adjust the settings for each application individually. Go to:

  • Settings
  • Privacy
  • Location Services
  • Chose the settings you want for each application individually.

Use Dark Mode

Dark Mode is an emerging feature in the Apple line-up, not so advanced but aesthetic. The Dark Mode reduces the iPhone 13 Battery life, as it only consumes the battery when brighter colors are in production. Aside from the screen staying in dark mode produce many colors until and unless demanded by the user. Reports claim that using the dark mode can increase the iPhone 13 Battery life by up to 30%.

You can switch to the dark theme from the settings under Display & Brightness and choose between the light and dark modes.

Keep Optimize Battery Charging Enabled

Optimized battery charging was first seen in the iOS 13, which helps reduce battery aging. What Apple claims is that using this feature the iPhone delays the iPhone 13 Pro Battery charging past 80% under certain conditions. The iPhone 13 Pro uses onboard machine learning to recognize users’ daily charging routine. The optimized battery charging enables itself when it verifies that the iPhone 13 Pro Battery is connected for charging for a longer period.

This feature can be turned on by:

  • Going to Settings
  • Battery
  • Battery Health
  • Optimized Battery Charging.

Disable Background App Refresh

A different approach to fix the iPhone 13 Pro Battery drain issue is to disable the Background App refresh. The only disadvantage is that the applications will not be able to refresh their content in the background. This can be done by:

  • Going to Settings
  • General
  • Background App Refresh
  • In these settings, you can toggle the feature to enable or disable it.
  • Choose the applications you’d like to use the Background App Refresh and disable it for the other applications.

Lower the brightness on your iPhone 13 Pro

The iPhone 13 Pro OLED Display is much more powerful and therefore consumes a lot of battery. As in the dark mode, the lower brightness can help reserve the iPhone 13 Pro Battery throughout the day. Even in normal conditions if the brightness is lowered to 40% on the iPhone 13 Pro OLED Display it is more than enough to use. Screen brightness can either be set to automatic or lowered from the Control Center.

Restart your iPhone 13 Pro Battery

It’s a very good idea to restart your iPhone 13 Pro, killing all the background processes that are draining the iPhone 13 Pro Battery. It’s the simplest trick to fix your battery drain issues. The iPhone 13 Pro can be turned off by pressing the Volume-Up and Power Button simultaneously. OR by pressing and holding the power button until the Apple Logo flashes on the display.

Turn off Message Effects and Video Previews

Routine users usually don’t keep the message effects enabled on their Ios devices but if it is enabled by default, it should be turned off. If you are not familiar with what Message Effects are, it’s simply a graphical representation of a text message received on your iPhone consuming the iPhone 13 Pro Battery. Another feature that isn’t much help is the Auto Play videos when scrolling through applications. You can turn both these features off and save your iPhone 13 Pro Battery life. Both these options can be disabled from settings > Motion.

iPhone 13 Pro Battery replacement


The iPhone 13 Pro Battery will only be able to perform well if its battery health is over 80%, under that it goes to Service. Following all these steps will possibly optimize the battery life of your iPhone 13 Pro. But if the iPhone 13 Pro Battery is under service then it certainly needs a replacement.


All smartphone batteries start aging after two years out of the box. iPhone 13 Pro also has been out of the box for over 2 years now and it’s pretty acceptable that the battery health is low or the iPhone 13 Pro Battery is facing draining issues. If still, your iPhone 13 Battery drains at 85 or more health, it needs replacement. Also, make sure to check whether the charging adapter that you are using is compatible with your device, or in case the iPhone 13 Pro Charging Port is in perfect condition. A faulty charging port can also cause to drain the battery quicker than usual.

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