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Difference Between An HVAC Control System And Residential Air Conditioners

Difference Between An HVAC Control System And Residential Air Conditioners

HVAC control systems work best in commercial spaces intending to keep the temperatures pleasant indoors. The right system also helps in maintaining a consistent humidity level and high air quality. 

There is a lot of difference between HVAC control systems and residential air conditioning systems. 

  1. The size of both systems differs substantially. The HVAC systems are way larger than the residential counterparts. 
  2. There is a difference in the component’s shape, size, and numbers. So, the blowers, condenser fans, thermostats, compressors, etc., differ from one system to another.
  3. The residential air conditioning units usually go outside the house. The commercial systems are located within the building and help save space, lessens noise, and can be easily accessed for maintenance.
  4. The number of drains between both the systems differs too. There are usually one or two drains in the residential unit, while in the commercial system, there are many drains and pipes.
  5. The commercial HVAC control system is massive in size. The cost of maintenance of this system is comparatively higher than the residential units. 

In either case, it is important to hire professionally trained and experienced service providers for air conditioning installation in Sydney. Be it the installation, maintenance, repair, or service, you can be a lot more relaxed if an expert is handling the job rather than having an amateur doing it. It is also advisable not to try doing any of these as a DIY experiment by watching a YouTube video. You will end risking the unit’s longevity by doing so while putting your health at risk.

What are the concerns of DIY methods of home air conditioning service or installation?

  1. Safety is one of the biggest concerns. Remember that the entire gamut of work – be it installation, servicing or maintenance involves electrical connections. Installing HVAC systems, residential or commercial, involves climbing up to heights using ladders, and if you are not used to doing so, there are chances of tripping and slipping down. The other aspect is that the units are heavy and massive, metallic parts are protruding, fan blades, and other components that increase the risks. 
  2. Following and adhering to statutory compliances is another concern. Experts are well aware of the mandatory obligations that the local rules and regulations state, while you may not be well-versed with the statutory compliances. If you do not obey the rules, it could mean more expense as the installation would need to be redone.
  3. The other challenge in air conditioning installation in Sydney, residential or commercial, is choosing the right equipment. Professionals will ask lots of questions to understand your specific requirement – for example, price, size of the system, flexible hoses and ducting issues, security, etc. need to be considered and weighed before making a decision. A professional will help you pick the right one so that your requirements are met optimally. 

Certified technicians trained and qualified to do the job of installation, servicing, or maintenance of air conditioning units are always the right choice vis-a-vis hiring amateurs or doing the work all by yourself.


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