iPhone X Review: Apple Finally Decides to Change Traditional Design

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The iPhone X is Apple’s biggest achievement, the most important, expensive luxury handset in four years. The powerful change to the design, discarding the home button to allow a full-screen user experience. 

After four years of the leading iPhone 6 design, the iPhone X is an outstanding handset. 

After several years apple finally says goodbye to the IPS LCD Display, replacing it with the mesmerizing OLED screen leads up to pretty much the overall of the device. It’s not quite as bezel-free but it’s a great step for apple. 

The remarkable all-screen design of the iPhone X made it possible to stand out against all other competitors. The most obvious no home button axed all other competitors and flagship manufacturers. The Touch ID is no longer a part of the iPhone design as it is replaced with Face ID Facial Recognition Technology.

To get back on the screen you don’t need to press the hard buttons, you only swipe up from the very bottom of the screen. This feels much better than hitting or pressing the button. With a steady swipe up and hold, you are able to see the stack of recently used apps. 

The innovative Notch design is still controversial. At the top of the screen is a cutout in the front display that enfolds the earpiece, the selfie camera, and multiple sensors for the True Depth camera that features the Face ID. Well, it’s a plus point for Apple that it successfully managed all the bits in that notch. Else other manufacturers occupy a certain piece of the body to adjust the earpiece and other various sensors.  

The notch is something that most people will either hate or won’t even notice. But it may look a bit disturbing when watching the videos at full screen. 

The rear of the phone is designed with glass and a more noticeable vertically adjusted camera bump. The stainless-steel frame used in the iPhone X is much harder than the aluminum used in the previous iPhone. But the iPhone X is still lighter than its previous models. 

No matter how hard the solid steel frame feels, you are still advised to use a protective case for the iPhone X. While Apple claims that the X enfolds the most durable glass, it is still glass and can break easily with a bump on the floor or any accidental drop. 

Surprisingly the iPhone X is small in size despite the 5.8-inch screen. The X is 5.2mm taller than the previous iPhone 8 but 14.8mm shorter than the 8 plus. This difference makes it comfortable to hold in hands and use with one hand. 

Key Specifications 

  •  5.8in Super Retina HD (OLED Screen) with 458ppi  
  • Featuring the Apple A11 Bionic 
  • 3GB of powerful RAM 
  • 64 or 256GB Storage capacity 
  • Comes with iOS 11 but now can run on the latest iOS 16 
  • The Dual 12MP rear cameras with OIS and much enhanced 7MP front-facing camera 

Battery Lasts More than a day 

With a similar A11 Bionic processor and memory as the iPhone 8 Plus. iPhone X performs fine as well, as fast and smooth as you expect from a top-of-the-line variant. 

The replacement battery of the iPhone X lasts much longer than the iPhone 8 Plus. If you use it as a primary device, you will certainly be stunned that how magnificent its battery coverage is. With hundreds of emails throughout the day and messages, 3 hours of music playback on the wireless earbuds, a quick game, and an hour of video streaming you are still left with plenty of battery to survive throughout the day. 

The iPhone X battery lasts a day when new and with the usage and passage of time, it loses little of its capacity. Thanks to OEM PRODUCT manufacturers replacement battery is available in the market to deal with any kind of battery replacement. The battery can fast-charge itself from a USB-C Power Adapter but is not included in the box. It also features wireless charging, which works great particularly useful when you are at your desk or while driving. 

Face ID 

The giant upgrade for the iPhone X is Face ID. The newly introduced facial recognition system uses an infrared camera with a dot projector and infrared light to scan your face. With no biometric security system, available Face ID is available for unlocking the device, and certain applications and payments are secured. 

In the daylight, not once did it fail to recognize me and open up. May take some time in the night but now it is also fixed in the latest iOS update. 

Once you are done with setting the Face ID, you can unlock the phone by looking at it and swiping it up. It works in about any position and distance normally. But it doesn’t work if you try to unlock the phone in landscape. 


The iPhone x features a similar dual-camera system as seen on the iPhone 8 plus. The only difference is that now it is arranged vertically on the back. Instead of the horizontal adjustment seen on the 8 Plus. 

Both cameras are 12-megapixel sensors. The enhanced wide-angle camera has an f/1.8 lens and the improved telephoto lens with f/2.8. The iPhone X’s telephoto lens is better at low-light photography. 

The all-new portrait mode, allows the camera to recognize your face and replicate distinct lighting effects. It adds an artificial shallow depth of field with amusing bokeh. 

The true depth system allows portrait mode with sharp and detailed colors. The depth-sensing selfie cam can also be used to create Animoji. 


The iPhone X without a doubt is the best iPhone Apple has ever designed. iPhone X Replacement Parts are available worldwide.  

The iPhone x is the best and most suitable for people upset by android devices. Everyone will notice these significant changes. It is still worth buying in 2022, as all its accessories are available in the market. Especially available at wholesale prices at MK Mobiles. 

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