Should you really invest in this Behavioral Remarketing thing?

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How wonderful would it be to know who loves ice cream for a company dealing in ice cream? It would then remain a minute work of reaching those people and offering them those delectable gelatos. The concept is great and this is why it has gotten its place in the field of digital marketing. We call it Behavioral Remarketing. But how great this concept works in reality in the field of digital marketing? Says Blurn, SEO Services in Australia are now growing around remarketing.

So, what should you know about Behavioral Remarketing before you invest in it?

Things you should know about Behavioral Remarketing!

Behavioral Marketing involves tracking the user behavior, judging that user behavior, and then marketing that use the products that seem fit according to that behavior. It uses cookies, IP addresses, surfing behavior, and search history into question to build a user profile.

Earlier the ads used to be straight. You pay for a digital commercial and then it will show that commercial on a website. All the users who will visit that website will see your advertisement and then decide if to go for you or not. This was an inefficient way of advertising your product. Why? Suppose you are advertising for your ice cream brand. Among all the visitors that see your advertisement, around 30% could be the haters of ice creams. This is a straight 30% loss of money and time. What is the solution? Behavioral Remarketing! You only advertise your product to those who love ice creams. A straight 100% efficiency was gained.

Is it all? No. Behavioral Remarketing and Retargeting go a step further and create advertisements that work on manipulating those potential customers further. For example, Pepsi was advertising thin Pepsi cans to women who were body-conscious.

How does Remarketing work?

Take this simple scenario to have a basic understanding of how remarketing works!

  • Suppose a visitor visits your websites and surfs some pages related to shoes that you are selling.
  • The person is specifically searching for orange striped shoes.
  • The visitor then exits your website without making any purchase.
  • You drop a cookie into the browser of the person (indeed after taking the permission).
  • The cookie works like a link between you and the visitor.
  • When the person visits other websites you use that cookie to tap that visitor and show that visitor advertisements related to shoes, and specifically orange shoes.
  • You repeat it a few more times with slight variations.
  • The visitor finally sees something in your advertisement and clicks on it.
  • The visit happens again and he/she ends up buying the shoes.

This is behavioral remarketing simply put. These days some major SEO and digital marketing companies are also offering remarketing services – .

Another example of Behavioral Remarketing is how Amazon reads the users’ shopping behavior and then shows them similar products through advertisements thereby increasing sales. Haven’t you ever noticed how you search for a fountain pen on Amazon and then suddenly Amazon starts showing you advertisements of pens throughout all the websites you use? This is a great way to keep the customer engaged and fill the gap that might have been left earlier between surfing and buying at last.

Why should you choose Behavioral Remarketing?

One prerequisite of using this marketing strategy is that you must have a website at least with a minimum visitor base that the advertisement company demands. For example, if Google wants at least 100 visits in a week to let you use Behavioral Remarketing, then your website must have this number. If you are falling short on the number, you must consider going for SEO services to gain a visitor base. If you live in Australia, go for the best, says Blurn, SEO services in Australia. Choosing a local SEO agency always comes to be beneficial. Local companies stay aware of local behavior and thus carve proper strategies.

Apart from it, behavioral remarketing helps people reap many benefits that earlier were mere dreams alone.

  • By remarketing products to visitors, it increases the chances of converting them into potential customers. It is similar to a salesman trying to show the visitors the many products that they might like.
  • By showing them similar products, the website gets back the visitors. It helps in re-engagement and thus the creation of a buyer-seller relationship.
  • Behavioral Remarketing has a high-efficiency rate and leads to more sales with less cost on hands.
  • It diminishes the online commercial noise that earlier used to be there. People were seeing lots of useless ads. This was not only creating noise but also leading to wastage of online space and resources. Remarketing works on minimizing these issues and thus providing a better and personalized ad experience.

Marketing Companies ( are now around offering the vital expertise around remarketing.

How do you plan Behavioral Remarketing?

Behavioral Remarketing takes many dynamics into question to work efficiently –

  • The geographical location of the visitor
  • Browsing behavior of the user
  • The age factor of the user/visitor
  • Cookie behavior
  • buying history

These are a few of those many factors used. If you are not sure of how Behavioral Remarketing works, we suggest you look for a digital marketing company that holds the expertise. Suggests Blurn, SEO Services (in Australia) are great to blend with marketing. You might feel some weight of cost, but when the commercial lands at the right spot, money starts flowing in. This is how it works. This is how it has always been working as. Otherwise, there are a few ways that you can use and ensure some results.

  • Identify the visitors you want to target. Not all visitors visit the website with the purpose to buy something. Not all visitors are potential customers. You would want to identify the visitors that hold the potential to turn into your customers.
  • Split the potential visitors into further segments based on their behavior. There could be visitors interested in coke and there could be visitors interested in juice.
  • Plan the perfect advertisement based on timing, color, size, etc.
  • Adjust the advertisement as per the need.

However, this would not be as easy as it seems. Things got more complex when we deal personally with them. If you have the time and your budget is pulling you short from a marketing agency, we suggest you do further research into this and lead the campaign by yourself. But if you have the budget and your business needs you into other creative areas then we suggest you go for a marketing agency that can help you get a great boost into the high competition around –

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