The Killing Quotes from the Complex Crime Drama

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The Killing is a crime drama TV series that revolved around the story of a murder investigation of a local teenager, Rosie Larsen.

What’s unique about the show is it is presented in daily progress. Each episode covers approximately 24 hours of the story.

The first few episodes center on the grief of the Larsen family, the murder investigation, and how a political campaign gets entangled with the case.

Viewers loved the complex dynamics between the protagonist, Sarah Linden, and her investigation partner.

The difference between their styles creates the right amount of tension and conflict within the story.

These Killing quotes will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you craving more crime stories.

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The Killing quotes by Stephen Holder

1. “Take it easy, Thunderheart, you haven’t given me a safeword yet.” — Stephen Holder

2. “I´m already beautiful, so…” — Stephen Holder

3. “Ain’t nothing like a pleasant drive in the countryside looking at some stinking ass toilets.” — Stephen Holder

4. “Alright. Chill, Linden. Do some push-ups or something.” — Stephen Holder

5. “He’ll be alright as long as the internet works.” — Stephen Holder

6. “What do you know about style, Linden? Thought you shopped at Ross Dress for Less.” — Stephen Holder

7. “Religion is inconclusive. Don´t stop five billion people to believe in what they believe.” — Stephen Holder

8. “You wanna grab a shower before we hit the road. You look like shit.” — Stephen Holder

9. “I don’t eat meat, bitch!” — Stephen Holder

10. “Even the Taj Mahal needs upkeep.” — Stephen Holder

11. “Minimum wage ain’t worth fighting the popo.” — Stephen Holder

12. “Just got to row with the flow, like my man Bruce Lee.” — Stephen Holder

13. “Damn, now I know what that guy meant when he said the casino is business in the front and party in the back.” — Stephen Holder

14. “C’mon mommy, you’re making me all hot…” — Stephen Holder

15. “I’m always looking for a good time.” — Stephen Holder

16. “Had to pull some strings, give a few HJ’s.” — Stephen Holder

More The Killing quotes by Stephen Holder

17. “You can’t put a price on wisdom.” — Stephen Holder

18. “Laugh it up Linden, my dojo’s a sanctuary of light.” — Stephen Holder

19. “Yo, you’re becoming like a “Beautiful Mind” with that board.” — Stephen Holder

20. “Empathy can poison your brain.” — Stephen Holder

21. “Seems you been watching Titanic one too many times the way you drawing Rosie.” — Stephen Holder

22. “Rise and shine princess. What do you want, room service? Eggs over easy? Buttered toast? Get up!” — Stephen Holder

23. “Oh, snap! Linden rocked the booty call.” — Stephen Holder

24. “Yo, why don’t you focus your beady little eyes on driving instead?” — Stephen Holder

25. “So good little dead girl was a bad little web girl.” — Stephen Holder

Which of these The Killing quotes is your favorite?

The series succeeded in portraying an accurate atmosphere of what a true crime investigation is and how a family deals with the murder and death of their child.

The show also tries to convey how a child can have dangerous secrets unknown to most people.

If you love crime stories and mysteries, then this show is for you. You can guarantee that there’s the right amount of suspense, drama, and plot twist available just when you need it.

In addition, the series was able to dramatize the devastating effect of murder on the families, friends, and even the community involved.

Share these The Killing quotes and sayings with someone so they can experience the thrill you experienced reading these and watching the show.

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