These 50 Atypical Quotes Help Bring Autism into the Mainstream Media

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If you’re tired of the same old television shows, you’ll be refreshed by these Atypical quotes.

The television show Atypical follows the story of Sam Gardner. He is an 18-year old man with autism who is working to navigate life and life transitions along with his family.

The show was commended for addressing some of the common life situations that families experience when they have a family member with autism.

The show originally began running in 2017 and ran for four seasons.

Along with putting autism into the show, as you’ll see in these Atypical quotes, the reviews of the show also helped to get people talking about the impact of autism and its depiction in Hollywood.

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Atypical quotes by Sam

1. “Whoever said practice makes perfect was an idiot. Humans can’t be perfect because we’re not machines. The best thing you can say about practice is that it makes…better.” ― Sam

2. “Those are three of my least favorite things. Oh, and eating raisins because I don’t like to eat things with wrinkles.” ― Sam

3. “I don’t like getting in water that people have touched.” ― Sam

4. “His eyebrows were huge, like he was an arthropod using them as a tactile sensory appendage.” ― Sam

5. “Autism isn’t an accomplishment. It’s something I was born with. You wouldn’t write an essay about having ten fingers and ten toes, would you? No, because that would be really, really, really, really dumb. So I’ll stick with the boobs.” ― Sam

6. “When I’m stressed, I recite the four species of Antarctic penguin. Adelie, Chinstrap, Emperor and Gentoo. It helps. Mom taught me when I was little. You should try it next time you think you’re dying. Except if you really are dying, it won’t help at all.” ― Sam

7. “I hate touching the pens at the bank. That’s not really a question. That’s just something I thought you should know.” ― Sam

8. “Hi, it’s Sam, Sam Gardner? I had a plain turkey sandwich today that had very stale bread, and I had nothing to wash it down with. It was an aggravating lunch. Also, I got hit by a car. It was slow-moving, so I’m fine. Okay.” ― Sam

9. “Zahid is the most stylish person I know. Sometimes he wears two watches.” ― Sam

10. “She didn’t even mind when I locked her in my closet. That seems special and rare.”  Sam

11. “I’m not ready to take the D-train to Bonetown.” ― Sam

Atypical quotes by Zahid

12. “They’re not just brownies, Samuel. They’re pot brownies and pot is a vegetable. Cousin of cauliflower, stepbro of sage. You know, on a proper nutritional pyramid, dank chronic is the bottom floor.” ― Zahid

13. “Relax, chipmunk. It’s going to be okay.” ― Zahid

14. “You’re very welcome. Look, I know you’re scared about where to go to college, but cuddle up and listen to papa. Life always works out. Usually.” ― Zahid

15. “These are my poop shoes. That way no one knows it’s me in the bathroom cause they don’t see my shoes under the stall.” ― Zahid

16. “Why are you wrapped up like a skinny white burrito?” ― Zahid

17. “Look, you got me a lollipop so I’m trying to be nice, but, dude, I can’t believe you were dumb enough to entrust your hard-earned cabbage to a corrupt government-backed bank. FDIC? More like, FDI-see you later, money.” ― Zahid

18. “Oh, you’re cool, bro. You’re as cool as a pickle in the freezer.” ― Zahid

19. “Name’s Zahid. Starts with a Z, ends with a beautiful friendship?” ― Zahid

20. “Hey, now, let’s not get hysterical, alright? I mean, finger loss is an abnormal result of lying.” ― Zahid

21. “Two times a year I’ll wear a pair of my dad’s underwear to remind myself why I’m not a tighty-whitey guy. And why he’s always so grumpy.” ― Zahid

22. Sir, I’ve got to handle this. Any other nerd in a blue shirt can help you. ― Zahid

Atypical quotes by Casey

23. ” If you lie and pretend that you like them, you’re fine. But if you tell them the truth,you get fired, you can’t afford food, and you get shanked for cutting in line at the soup kitchen. And then you die.” ― Casey

24. ” I learned everything I know from the dark lord herself – mom.” ― Casey

25. “Why do villains always have cats?” ― Casey

Which of these Atypical quotes is your favorite?

After the first season, people were commending the show for focusing on the life of a person with autism.

However, critics also jumped on the lack of involvement of real-life people living with autism.

There were also critiques saying that the actions and behaviors were too stereotypical for those living with autism.

However, there was a pivot made before the second season. They added writers and actors with autism into the mix.

This was well received by critics and the audience. Additional changes such as these continued to be made going throughout the rest of the seasons.

If you enjoyed these Atypical quotes and lines and are ready to watch something with a different focus from the same stories that are always repeated on the streaming platforms, give this show a try.


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