Top Custom Software Development Companies In New York

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Software development is now more important than ever thanks to the rise of innovation. Every technology we use benefits from having the opportunity to create, design, develop, and maintain code through software development practices. 

Software development is important because it formally establishes the development cycle for large-scale innovation projects. Global firms are improving their offerings thanks to the growth and speed of innovation. Software development has emerged as being significantly more crucial for bringing new results to virtually every business worldwide. Through automation and digitization, custom software development companies in New York assist organizations in growing to new heights.

Here is a list of the best software developers in New York City who offer top-notch services. One of the newer marketplaces for New York’s custom software development sector. In New York, there are a lot of venture-funded start-ups, mid-sized businesses, and huge corporations that offer software development services (NYC). All of the below-listed software development firms have earned a spot on the list by demonstrating the quality of their services over several years, utilizing their knowledge, and distinguishing themselves through each cutting-edge service they have offered.

A) XDuce

XDuce came into existence in 2006, as a renowned technology services partner with expertise in Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft, and AWS services. Additionally, InterSystems & Oracle Integration Cloud consider XDuce to be their go-to partner for integration services. They don’t just create corporate apps; we also create solutions that aid in business expansion, productivity improvement, and data security reinforcement. For startups, ISVs, major companies, and sectors including banking, insurance, software, healthcare, and non-profit, we offer distinctive Custom Software Development services.

Their consulting team creates road maps with clients and collaborates on projects to help customers establish their digital transformation strategies.

  • Microservices
  • DevOps and Automation 
  • Cloud Architecture 
  • Application Modernization 
  • UI/UX Design 
  • Container Strategy

They received various Awards and recognition for the quality work they provided to their customers.

B) KnubiSoft

KnubiSoft is a global software development and IT consulting firm that has offices in the US (New York, Los Angeles), as well as Europe. The business focuses on the creation of complex software solutions. KnubiSoft has hired more than 100 people since its founding in 2012, and it has completed more than 200 projects. KnubiSoft takes great pride in its competence in digital business transformation, which enables our clients to grow their companies and improve tactical and strategic efficiency. Knubi soft developed a mobile application for a green laundry service. They produced a cross-platform application that is currently available on the App and Play Stores, emphasizing a straightforward and effective UX.

C) iTechArt Group

iTechArt is a custom software development company based in New York with additional offices in Marietta, Georgia, and Iselin, New Jersey. Since 2002, iTechArt has assisted startups and rapidly expanding tech companies in filling talent gaps and building reliable web and mobile solutions that users adore. 3500+ engineers with expertise in all the most recent technologies are currently part of iTechArt’s talent pool. A software business, an essential part of iTechArt Group in creating a complicated system from scratch that included numerous cloud components. The team first talked about the details, requirements, and implementation procedure of the product.

D) CI&T 

CI&T, a company that was born in the digital age, has a 26-year history of increasing business impact through comprehensive and scalable digital solutions. With more than 5,000 professionals throughout the world, they can increase top-line revenue, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost operational effectiveness.

E) Andersen Inc.

Healthcare software development is one of the many specialities of the renowned bespoke software development company Andersen. The business has established more than ten development centers and roughly ten sales offices around the world since it was established in 2007. Over 2700 highly skilled professionals are working in the creation and customization of business IT solutions, web apps, and mobile applications. Over 950 projects have been completed by Andersen, and they have attracted hundreds of satisfied customers from all over the world. Currently, the company is working on more than 250 projects. 

In addition, to.NET, C#, Java, Python, PHP, Node.js, TypeScript, Golang, C++, JavaScript, Angular, React.js, Vue.js, HTML, CSS, Java (Android), Swift / Objective C (iOS), React Native, and more, our technology stack also supports these other languages. Additionally, we provide UI/UX design, DevOps services, business and data analysis, human and automated testing, and IT security.

F) Synechron

For banks, asset managers, and insurance firms all around the world, Synechron is a top digital transformation consulting company with a specialization in the financial services sector. They accomplish this by offering their clients cutting-edge solutions to some of their most difficult business problems.

G) Inflexion

Iflexion has been using specialized custom software solutions since 1999 to assist businesses across numerous industries in streamlining their operational procedures. Iflexion provides customers globally independent of their operation domain, geographic location, and organizational characteristics with a well-coordinated staff of 850+ IT professionals. Iflexion takes care of the IT requirements of businesses of various kinds, from small startups to massive corporations. Our projects are successful because of our deep knowledge of bespoke software development across the board, our dedication to our customers and partners, and our business ethics. Our technical expertise holds good experience through ongoing, first-hand experience with large business application development, integration, and maintenance projects.

To make our customers’ digitalized processes slick and error-free, we make an effort to integrate such top technologies as blockchain, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality into their corporate environments.

H) HData System

Global enterprises receive automated compliance and immediate business information services from HData System. They provide clients with data models that enable them to drive business, improve decisions, increase ROI, and achieve objectives. The business transforms organized and unstructured data into precise measurements that can be easily distinguished, allowing users to assess which is best for their particular business.

I) Data Art

Data Art is a software engineering company which has offices in Munich, Zug, London, and New York. They started in 1997 and now employ over 3,000 people, mostly working with midmarket and small-business clients in the IT, healthcare, and financial industries. They offer different services like custom software development, enterprise app modernisation, developing UI/UX design and many more.

J) ValTech

Valtech is a corporation that provides innovation with a purpose and specializes in global business transformation. While maximizing time-to-market and ROI, they give companies the ability to foresee future trends and interact more personally with customers across all of their digital contact points.

K) Saritasa

Full-source software development company Saritasa has an office in Newport Beach, California, and also has offices there, as well as in Russia, Vietnam, and New York City. They started in 2005 and have a staff of roughly 90 people who produce custom software, websites, mobile apps, internet of things (IoT), and AR/VR for largely mid-sized companies.

l) AllianceTek Overview

Thanks to our experienced team of more than 200 software engineers, project managers, and designers, we excel in delivering end-to-end bespoke solutions outfitted with the most up-to-date tools, technological stack, and techniques. AllianceTek does more than just design and develop your project. Instead, we design and examine every step of the project development procedure.

We collaborate with you to plan and identify the finest solutions tailored to your needs while routinely soliciting feedback all along the way.

Since our customers engage with members of our US-based team who are familiar with the requirements and expectations of American businesses, there is no need for our clients to worry about cultural differences or communication issues that may occur from an overseas outsourcing agency. We take pleasure in our ability to offer consumers world-class client care while also offering them cost-effective business solutions. Referrals from returning customers and clients are a crucial component of our business.

M) Method

Method is a strategic design firm with offices in London, Denver, Atlanta, Charlotte, North Carolina, and San Jose, California in addition to its New York headquarters.

More than 130 people work for the 1999-founded company, which offers branding, web development, digital strategy, and UX/UI design services. The financial services, IT, arts & entertainment, customer products & services, healthcare, and e-commerce industries are among the industries Method offers for enterprise and mid-market businesses.

N) Def Method

A New York City-based software development company is Def Method. The group of 21 people started the company in 2014 and has 21 members. They have expertise in custom software development, web development, IT staff augmentation, AI, and more. They generally work with large and mid-sized organizations, concentrating on IT, real estate, and financial services.

Def Method offers specially crafted resources for your particular project. With engineers, product managers, and designers on staff, we are well-equipped to assist our clients with every stage of software development. Our functional teams apply agile concepts, prioritizing clear communication over formal procedures, test-centered development, continuous integration, and frequent releases. To promote technical excellence and provide useful software, our teams work together.

O) Jafton

For sponsored companies and organizations, Jafton specializes in developing mobile apps and tailored software. To ensure the success of your project, our team of more than 100 experienced software engineers, iOS developers, Android developers, DevOps engineers, designers, and project managers, under the direction of the CEO who established and successfully sold many startups, will work with you. 

Jafton’s employees and clientele can trust them since they communicate their goals and visions openly. They aim to make their ideas a reality when they collaborate with their clientele. By assisting them in creating their product and providing guidance as necessary.


Above mentioned are some of the best companies that are experts in developing software for their clients specifically as per their requirements. Hence, you can check your budget and the time you have and accordingly go ahead with any of the listed companies for the best results.

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