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We’re always looking for new authors with new and interesting blog posts. If you also have an idea that will challenge our readers, we want to hear about it at usamagazine.org. Just aim to bring a fresh perspective to our readers to keep them engaged.

We want the best article for our blog and we’ll push you to get there. Once your article is accepted, you’ll get broad feedback from our experts. It’s also rewarding for you to distribute your idea all around the world through our blog. Thousands of readers will read your work including your peers, potential employers, and publishers. Plus, it will be an excellent learning platform for you. You will get to know about a deep knowledge of general topics, about communicating your ideas to the public, and about writing.

What we are expecting from a guest post?

You can submit a draft or a short paragraph that matters to our readers. The thing is that the more complete your submission will be the more better feedback you can get from our experts. Before you submit make sure your content follows the guidelines:

  • Your submission must be original, clear, and is written for the interest of our audience.
  • Article must contain subheadings and bullet points to explain the topic.
  • Content must be supported with convincing arguments.
  • Articles must not be re-composed for showcasing reason.
  • Do not place any unnecessary outbound connections in your article.
  • We uphold all rights to erase, edit and refresh the article as per the requirement.
  • Include illustrations and appropriate images to exemplify your point.
  • All the articles dispersed at usamagazine.org can be shared on our social pages like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Reddit, and so on.
  • You can include relatable pictures to all the probable points. Ensure you share the copyright and privileges to use such pictures.

How To Submit Your Article?

Writing in this way, you are complete with the submission to pick up by adding to alexjordan1953@gmail.com and get your Write For Us article distributed via usamagazine.org. As we intend to put up a decent library of information and insights for readers so that they can refer to our content for empowering their knowledge and further decisions in specific fields.

Topics That We Expect For Usamagazine.Org

It is important that you write topics that are relevant to the niche of our blog. Otherwise, we can ask you to rewrite your content. Hence please make sure that your article is relevant and valuable to what we offer. Your piece of content must be of the following categories:

  • News related to technology and business
  • Lifestyle health
  • Entertainment
  • Parenting and family
  • Representation of business processes
  • Gadget reviews
  • Home improvement and decoration
  • Fashion news
  • Digital Marketing
  • Guest post [niche name]
  • Travel
  • Advanced tech and business strategies
  • Designing
  • Business and industry

For more topics, you better refer to the existing posts at usamagazine.org.

Payback To You

You will get utmost exposure and plenty of knowledge about the topics you write for us. You will get follow backlink as a reward for your sites after the successful submission of your article. Your little bio will be visible under each article that you will write for our blog.

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