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11 Ways Women Can Look Sexy And Feel More Confident


Many people assume that it’s pretty easy for a woman to appear sexy and confident. However, it isn’t always as easy as it seems.


As we’ve all been experiencing lockdowns over the past year or so, letting your beauty shine might have taken a back seat to lounging around in slouchies.


Perhaps you’re looking at yourself in the mirror and you know that underneath that oversized sweater and two week old leggings, there is a sexy goddess waiting to get out. If that sounds familiar then these tips will help you feel sexier and more confident.


It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 80… As a woman, being able to look sexier and feel more confident is always within your reach.


Take care of your hair


If you want to make a good first impression, look at your hairstyle and how you can make the most of your lush locks. If you’re always wearing your hair up, or if you rarely comb it, then this goes double.


Of course, everyone’s hair is different, so there is no blanket style rule that will make you feel sexier here.


But, a good wash and a good blow dry and brush is the first thing you should be doing. Find your hairstyle icon and see how you can mimic them.


Add some eye makeup


Every girl’s secret weapon is her eyes. Eye liner is a shockingly easy to use weapon in your sexy armory. A little bit of eye liner and that lingering eye contact you make with that guy at the store is going to blow his mind.


Add some mascara for those stunning fluttery eyelashes too…


Dress for your body type


You’ve probably heard this before, but dressing to accentuate your best features is one of the best ways to look sexier and feel more confident.


If you’re a slim and athletic type, a pair of leggings and slim fit t-shirt will always be a winner. If you’re pear shaped, wear a skirt to accentuate your curves, and if you’re carrying a little weight around your belly, you can draw attention to your other features such as legs, your shoulders and arms, or your chest.


Fashion is your friend


When it comes to dressing sexy, us girls have so many fashion features to really push the boundaries. It comes down to a combination of your confidence and style with what you can get away with.


A floaty summer dress is always a winner, again, make sure to make sure it accentuates your best features.


Heels are also a guaranteed head turner, and you don’t have to go skyscraper either. Just some kitten heels or block heels can really make a difference. Of course, if you can rock those over the knee stiletto boots then all power to you girl!


Focus on your legs


It doesn’t matter what your body type, your legs are always a great focus when you want to look sexier. There are plenty of workouts you can do to tone up your legs, and having shapely legs is one of those things that is excellent for your confidence.


Again, your choice of footwear can help to highlight your fabulous pins of course. But if you’ve got nicely sculpted legs, you’ll look great in thongs or heels – no biggy.

Your legs are a great way to look sexy


Wear lingerie


It doesn’t matter if no-ones gonna see them any time soon. Just by wearing your best underwear set you’ll feel so much sexier, and with that comes that confidence too.


If you’re out about town, don’t just throw on your old faithful pants and that sports bra with the sweat stains. Dig out your finest lacy number and see how much more sexy it makes you feel when you’re shopping in your best get up.


Smile and laugh more


Here’s a fact for you. Smiling and laughing will make you appear much more attractive. You might think a sultry smouldering look would do the trick, but in fact smiling makes everyone look sexier.


If you’re talking to someone you like the look of, laugh at their jokes (yes, even if they’re not that funny) and keep that smile on your face.

Smiling can make you appear sexy


Take care of your teeth


While we’re talking about smiles, another key in feeling confident and beautiful is our teeth. Cleaning them daily goes without saying, so we’ll add that visiting your dentist regularly and flossing every day is just as important. Your dentist may even suggest braces or invisible braces to correct crooked teeth that may make you feel self-conscious so you can’t start to smile again with confidence.


Slow down and accentuate your movement


Are you a busy bee, always in a rush? Take a moment to take a deep breath, slow down and focus. Studies show that people who take the time to slow down appear to be much sexier. For example, when you walk, walk slower and accentuate the movement of your hips and legs.


When talking, speak slower, avoid wildly moving your arms or hands, and instead use slow deliberate movements.


Wear red


Women might assume that red is a bit of a trashy colour, but in fact red has been shown to have an effect on men and women. Yes, red is sexy!


Just a splash of red will make you look sexier and can even help you feel more confident. Who knew?


The final word


Although many of these tips are very much rooted in truth, there is one thing to bear in mind if you want to appear sexy and confident. Your mindset.


Find ways to feel more confident in yourself, and you too will feel sexy and confident. There is no miracle way to do this, it’s different for everyone. But find ways to enjoy social occasions where you can express yourself, get regular exercise, eat well and get plenty of sleep…


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