Home Beauty <strong>5 Things To Know Before Considering Ipl Hair Removal</strong>

5 Things To Know Before Considering Ipl Hair Removal

<strong>5 Things To Know Before Considering Ipl Hair Removal</strong>

Don’t worry lovely ladies, we’ve got you covered! Let’s reveal the industry’s not-so-well-kept secrets. What is IPL hair removal? Both Laser and IPL treatments use heat and light to permanently destroy the hair follicle and prevent hair growth. Fantastic! So you can finally get rid of that pesky razor! 

If you have abnormal hair growth or darker hair colour on your body, you know the real struggles. Most individuals consider IPL hair removal treatment as a solution to such body hair problems. However, things don’t work out the same for everyone. Numerous factors come into the picture if your laser hair removal isn’t producing the desired results. 

In reality, not much! IPL hair removal uses a succession of energy ‘waves’ whereas laser uses a single focused beam of light and energy. Both function, in the same way, to get rid of hair for good!

The amount of light reflected depends on the angle at which the initial light beam struck the skin and the distance it travelled through the air. To avoid any possibility of surface burns, we employ ultrasound or a cooling gel. 

The melanin in hair helps the hair absorb the light from the flashes and triggers it to enter its resting phase, which is how IPL works. Your skin is now hair-free and smooth. You should consider the below-mentioned factors before getting IPL hair removal. Depending on the skin type and location being treated, IPL hair removal might be painful or leave an uncomfortable tingling sensation. The degree of pain varies depending on the hair type. It might get more painful as the hair gets thicker and darker. 


It may sound strange but laser hair removal aims to change the colour of the hair. A laser cannot recognise red, grey, or even golden hair. For instance, if you permanently remove the hair on your chin using the permanent laser hair removal, you might have hairs of two colours (black and grey) on your chin. The laser will only identify and remove the black hair, leaving the grey hair unnoticed or unaffected.


If the laser hair removal procedure is performed by an untrained or unskilled technician, you might not get the optimum results. An untrained professional doing laser hair removal may cause your laser treatment to be less successful.


This is another element that affects how well your hair treatment works. The effectiveness of laser hair removal increases with the coarser the hair is at the treatment site. Since fine hair is not coarse, it is preferable to leave it alone because messing with it will alter the texture of the hair at the treatment site.


As mentioned earlier, lasers target colours. Additionally, lasers do not distinguish between the colours of the skin and the hair; instead, they target both. The better, the skin should be a lighter shade than the hair. When a colour is present on the skin, the laser’s settings and power are constrained. This is because it is riskier with more skin colour. People with skin colour hair are often not ideal candidates for laser hair removal because the skin needs to be considered.


You could be asking or even consulting a professional, but your laser barbing still doesn’t turn out well. The kind of laser machine used also affects how effective your laser barbing will be. Numerous laser hair removal devices are available on the market today, including medical-grade lasers, cosmetic lasers, IPL devices, and others. However, most of them are ineffective. The calibre of the laser machine utilised determines how well a laser haircut will turn out.


It is recommended that the technician be meticulous and cover the whole surface area of the subject being treated when doing laser barbing. An essential component of a successful laser hair removal treatment is paying close attention to every detail and being meticulous during the procedure. For henna brows in Perth, you can go through the various IPL hair removal services in Perth. Or else you can also browse the internet for ‘Perth spa packages’ or ‘ipl hair removal near me for getting the best options available.

The anagen, or the growth phase, is the first of the three phases. Hair grows till it reaches the skin’s surface during this phase. After that, the hair will continue to grow longer. The length of this phase varies based on the individual’s ethnic origin, lifestyle, and surrounding environment, as well as the location of the hair on the body. 

The second phase is known as the catagen phase, and it is characterized by the cessation of hair growth. This phase is very brief. It lasts between one and two weeks. The bulbous component at the bottom of the hair pulls away from the hair follicle during this phase. As a result, the hair is gradually lost from its sheath. Because IPL hair removal in Perth and laser treatments might leave your skin more sensitive, it’s important to use a soothing and rehydrating moisturizer. 

Beauty tip: Using a glycolic chemical exfoliant twice a week between treatments will hasten the process by gently eliminating dead skin cells, repairing ingrowns, and prepping the region for a more effective treatment.

Most people who use laser hair removal get long-lasting, permanent results. You will, at the very least, experience a long-term reduction in hair growth that gets easier with time.

It’s economical because it’s a long-term solution. Since you won’t need to purchase monthly waxes or replacement razor blades, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the course of your lifetime.

The telogen phase is the final stage of growth. The hair follicle is dormant during this period, and dead hair begins to fall out. When the following anagen phase begins, hair loss is frequently completed.

Serene Day Spa offers a Free Consultation with one of our Skilled IPL Therapists to assess your appropriateness, establish the necessary number of sessions, discuss session costs, and address any other questions you may have. For some treatment regions, a patch test is required 24 hours beforehand. To schedule your free consultation with one of our IPL Hair Removal Therapists, get in touch with Serene Day Spa.