Best Australian Bank for students- Top 5 banks in Australia for International Students

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One of the most important things that you should consider if you are moving to Australia to studying is opening a bank account. A Perth financial advisor recommends that a bank account is essential for life in Australia and you will need one for paying bills, managing your accommodation, and for employment or money transfers. Although some banks are better than others when it comes to student benefits. To select the best Bank needs research and time. We made it easier for you to select the best Australian Bank for students.

Few factors you should consider before applying for a student bank account are:

  • Monthly fees
  • Credit Card option
  • Hidden fees
  • Customer service
  • Saving interest rate
  • Access to ATM

#1. NAB Bank (National Australia Bank): The classic bank for students

NAB is considered one of the four largest financial institutions in Australia for its market capitalization, customers, and earning.

NAB offers some classic features for the students who wish to open a personal bank account. It offers zero service fees, no withdrawn fees. You can appreciate limitless managing an account with zero month to month expense regardless of whether you quit being a student.

You can access the ATM in different languages. NAB also offers a simple interface for the students. Along with it, NAB offers Visa Debit Card that can be accessed overseas.

The NAB bank is a decent choice for students as it offers the no-expense strategy just as allows the students to appreciate utilizing this component even after they have graduated. The bank additionally offers the BPAY highlight that permits you to take care of tabs including power, phone, and gas via smartphone or the web.

#2. Westpack: The choice bank account

Westpack is the first choice for students. It takes three minutes to open a bank account in Westpack. Westpack is the oldest and the largest bank in Australia. If you are planning to study in Australia you can open a bank account in Westpack bank three months earlier before going to Australia.

There are several benefits to Westpack. It is designed for full-time students where you have to pay no monthly service fee for the first 12 months.

There is no withdrawal fee, you can access any major bank ATM in Australia and over 50,000 ATMs globally via the Global ATM Alliance and partner ATM.

Are you 18-29 years old? With a Westpack Life-saving account Students between 18  and 29 years can earn a profit  0f 3% p.a.

The card additionally gives you discounts to a few limits locally and in more than 133 nations. You get limits on eateries, lodgings, exhibition halls, travel, among others.

#3.  ANZ (Australia and New Zealand Banking groups limited ): The student access advantage

Opening a bank account in ANZ bank is easy you can open it before you step into Australia from your native country and activate it from the in-store bank in Australia.

It offers various advantages such as– unlimited transactions with zero withdrawal fees. You can access online banking via the goMoney mobile app with zero monthly account fees.

If you want to do some part-time job along with your education. ANZ is the right choice you can save your money along with your study.

Your parents and relatives can send money to your ANZ account via a local bank. It also allows Foreign Exchange Service where you can change foreign currency into Australian dollar for your expenses.

With ANZ Progress Saver you can procure reward interest when you set aside in any event one installment of $10 into your record and don’t take anything out in that month.

* What’s more an ANZ Progress Saver account has no month to month account administration charge and can be connected to your Access Advantage account, making it simple to move reserves.

#4. Citibank: Everyday account

Citibank Australia was opened in 1985 and was one of the principal unfamiliar banks to be conceded a financial permit in Australia, other than being one of the biggest global banks in the nation. Since 2001, the public central command has been situated at the Citigroup Center, Sydney.

Even though Citibank doesn’t have a particular understudy account item, there are fundamental financial records which may suit understudies, and understudy charge cards are accessible. How about we investigate the alternatives and a portion of their key highlights.

Citibank offers a specific student card with many rewards points. The Citi Plus record lets you appreciate expense-free banking in Australia with no month to month account charge and free ATM withdrawals inside the Citibank ATM organization.

Its Debit MasterCard has acknowledged anyplace MasterCard is acknowledged and it very well may be utilized for money withdrawals at ATMs around the world. Expense-free ATM withdrawals can be made in Australia through Citibank, Westpac, St George, Bank of Melbourne, and Bank SA ATMs.

This Citi Plus Transaction account lets you move cash from anyplace on the planet to any ledger worldwide for nothing or to an abroad Citibank account quickly.

#5. Commonwealth Bank: Smart access for students

The commonwealth bank of India is an Australian Multinational bank. It was founded in 1991. It is one of Australia’s most established and biggest banks. It permits you to open a record if you are showing up in Australia within 3 months.

It has a $0 month to month charge, which makes it ideal for understudies who need to utilize an everyday exchange account. You can safely utilize your charge card to shop in stores or online with free admittance to elite offers and rivalries.

With the bank, students can profit by limits on a few venture items. With Students Options, undergraduates can appreciate zero month to month expenses, zero foundation charges, zero yearly charges on the understudy Mastercards, a zero-issue expense on the Travel Money card, and 3% off normal variable rates for any close to home overdrafts.

You will likewise profit by utilizing the Commonwealth Bank application which permits you to get to your cash from anyplace. In any case, you will begin bringing about different expenses once you graduate. This likewise implies that you will require a connection to a bank’s investment account, for example, NetBank Saver, or Youth Saver.


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