Engagement Rings: 4 Things You Need To Know Before Buying One!

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Before you start fretting over your wedding dress, you will have to take one even more important decision: choosing an engagement ring.

You might be an expert in buying jewellery, but shopping for an engagement ring for your special day is a whole new different game. With confusion over the style, budget, and what type of rock to choose, things can be quite nerve-wracking. Also, the baffling jargons thrown at you by various jewellery stores owners are no help. Moreover, you would also want the beauty of the shining jewellery to be captured by a wedding videographer in Brisbane. Many wedding videography companies create broadcast quality wedding videos in Brisbane which are produced and filmed by the most experienced production teams in Australia.

This article has all the information you need to know before choosing a ring, to help make life just a little less stressful for you:

1) Consider Your Budget

Before checking for various designs online or visiting a jewellery store, you need to figure out how much you can afford to spend or willing to spend on a ring. Taking the help of search engines and typing “How much should I spend on an engagement ring?” is a huge NO, as it will only guide you to spend your one to three month’s salary. The best way to determine how much you can spend on a ring is whatever you feel comfortable with. You might feel tempted to go over the board and buy an expensive one, but your significant one wouldn’t want to begin the wedding journey under a pile of credit card debt. So, determine how much you can spend and buy the rock!

2) Keeping Your Partner’s Taste in Mind

While shopping for an engagement ring, keep one thing in mind: your partner will be the one wearing the ring. Therefore, you have to consider your significant one’s taste in mind. You may prefer yellow gold or any colourful diamonds which are trendy, but neither of these will make sense if betrothed to has something else in mind. If you are not sure about your lover’s choices, try asking one of your partner’s close friends for a second opinion. Of course, the one you can trust to not spill the beans!

3) Ring Size

Not every ring can be resized. Resizing a ring means cutting out a sliver and then either adding more metal or closing the gap. Many antique rings, rings with gems wrapped around the entire band, and rings with a tension setting cannot be easily resized. Therefore, it’s best to buy the right ring size for your partner. To determine your partner’s ring size, be sneaky. Open up his or her jewellery box and bring one of the often-worn rings to the jeweller. Worried it might get missed? Put one of your partner’s rings on your finger and trace the band with a marker to note how far down it slid down. This will help the jewellers to match this measurement with their sizing tool.

4) Remember The Four Cs

When evaluating the quality of a diamond, consider the four Cs: cut, colour, clarity, and carat. People often boast about a diamond’s carat weight, but the cut is the most important of these four qualities. A diamond’s cut determines how much the gem will sparkle. Colour refers to the diamond’s clearness. D being fully colourless and Z being noticeably yellow. Clarity is how many imperfections the stone has. A higher clarity rating will increase the value of the stone.

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