How much has the NHS spent on YOU during your life? Fascinating new quiz tells you…

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How much do YOU cost the NHS? Fascinating new quiz calculates hidden fee of all your GP appointments, A&E visits, operations and injuries

Ever sat and wondered just how much your appointments, tests and ops cost the NHS each year?

Well, look no further. 

A nifty interactive quiz can tell you the answer.

The useful tool even compares your answer to how much you have contributed to the cash-strapped NHS per year, based on your annual income. 

It comes with the ailing health service gripped by crises on all fronts, with financial strain, a massive staffing blackhole and Covid-induced backlogs causing misery for patients.

The quiz, created by Go Compare, reveals that a hip replacement costs £12,739 (shown in graphic), while a cataract surgery costs £1,795 and a kidney transplant costs £ 22,437

The quiz, created by Go Compare, reveals that a hip replacement costs £12,739 (shown in graphic), while a cataract surgery costs £1,795 and a kidney transplant costs £ 22,437

The ‘Bill of Health’ calculator, created by Go Compare, asks you how many times you have visited the GP, A&E or required an overnight stay in hospital.

It also needs answers on whether you have had any tests, such as MRIs, operations, including for a broken bone, or given birth. 

Emergency services like ambulance callouts are also included, as well as long-term illnesses like diabetes and asthma.

The quiz is based on data that suggests a hip replacement costs around £12,700, as well as a £1,800 bill for cataracts surgery and £22,000 for a kidney transplant. Costs can include staff fees and equipment.

Health insurance spokesperson at Go Compare, Manon Jones, said: ‘It may come as a surprise to learn that a single missed outpatient appointment costs the NHS approximately £120. 

The new quiz was created by Go Compare and they believe people will be surprised at how much they have cost the cash-strapped NHS 

‘With an estimated 7.8million appointments missed each year, this equates to a staggering £936milllion wasted.’

For 2022/23, NHS England expects to spend approximately £153billion looking after the nation’s health.

It comes after a Tory former health minister yesterday criticised the Government for failing to tackle Britain’s spiralling obesity crisis.

Lord Bethell, who worked in the Department of Health and Social Care during the Covid pandemic, claimed ministers have ‘squandered significant taxpayer funds’, attacking the ‘un-Conservative’ approach.

He said policymakers should encourage Brits to live healthier lifestyles ‘instead of defending vested interests’.

His comments came on the back of a landmark study, which revealed the UK’s bulging waistline is stripping billions of pounds from the cash-strapped NHS each year.

Twice as much is spent on obese patients as on those of a healthy weight.

How much does it cost? 

Cataract surgery: £1,795

Wisdom teeth removal: £1,387 

Tonsillectomy: £3,293

Heart failure: £2,231

Liver transplant: £36,417

Gallbladder removal: £7,250.00

Kidney transplant: £22,437.00

Appendicectomy: £7,415.00

Hip replacement: £12,739.00

Hernia operation: £5,953.00

Knee replacement: £11,850.00

GP appointment: £30.00

Prescriptions: £28.00

Missed outpatient appointment: £120.00

Overnight hospital stay: £483.00

Ambulance call-out: £269.00

Called 999: £90.00

A&E visit: £297.00

C-section: £6,962.00

Natural childbirth: £3,137.00

IVF (one round): £3,300.00

Chest x-ray: £48.00

MRI scan: £318.00

Diabetes treatment: £390.16

Asthma prescription: £164.62

Broken arm: £3,116.00

Broken leg: £5,684.00

Broken hand: £1,711.00

Broken rib or chest: £3,380.00

Sprain: £752.00

Crutches: £25.00

Gastric band: £5,250.00

Varicose veins: £2,713.00

Stroke: £4,148.00

Vasectomy: £964.00

OSA surgery: £2,185.00

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