Is your next trip to Hawaii? Here’s what you need to know!

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Packing for a trip to Hawaii can be overwhelming. In order to help everyone out we have come up with a list of the essential items that you should pack. Below are the items that you absolutely need, and those that can wait until later depending on your needs but are still worth trying out if possible.

What makes Hawaii a Go-to Spot?

Hawaii has some of the most beautiful sights in the world, from ocean views to mountains. These views are sure to get you taking tons of pictures and sharing them with your friends and family. Whether you want to surf, snorkel, hike, or simply spend an evening at dinner with your significant other, you will find what you may be looking for if not more in Hawaii.

Hawaii is also a huge tourist destination for those who want a relaxing getaway.  The main islands are only about 4-5 hours from the coast of Southern California and can be reached by plane with ease. There are so many activities in Hawaii that you will not have time to do it all!

Tips Before You Go:

Now that you know some of the things you might need while visiting Hawaii, it’s time to put together your list and gather your stuff before you go. Here are a few packing tips to keep in mind before you start packing up the car and driving off to paradise.

What to Pack for hawaii for a Camping Adventure:

Camping is not just for the restless outdoorsman. If you are camping with kids, or planning to spend a few days alone and want to have it all, then camping is the way to go.  There are plenty of options available in Hawaii as well.  You can pitch your tent right on the beach or in a campground.  You can rent a camper and stay in your own dorm style quarters on the side of the road or pay extra fees to stay at a hotel with extra amenities, like pools and hot tubs. 

You don’t need much stuff for camping to get started, especially if you are like me and prefer minimalism over excess baggage.

What to bring with you to Hawaii:

1) Essential Items:

  1. a) Camera / Charger / Extra Batteries – With the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, the gorgeous waterfalls and the amazing scenic drive on one of the many roads in Big Island, Hawaii having a camera is a must! It is also highly recommended that you bring an extra battery for any cameras that you have. Flashlight – Even if it’s not pitch black at night there will be some opportunities to take pictures of the stars. A flashlight can help illuminate your subject so you can capture great pictures. Beach Towel – The “Aloha Spirit” means relaxed and casual. A towel will be useful for a day at the beach or pool. Money – The US Dollar is welcome everywhere in Hawaii. We recommend bringing enough money with you to cover any expenses while in Hawaii as well as tip your tour guides, drivers and other service providers you may use during your trip. Sunscreen – The best time to take pictures is early morning and late afternoon.
  2. b) Beach Towel – In Hawaii, a towel is a necessity.
  3. c) Towels – Always be prepared for swimsuits in Hawaii.
  4. d) Beach Bag – It’s very easy to forget your swimsuit if you don’t have one with you.
  5. e) Swimsuit – There are many activities on the beaches and lounging around the pool at various resorts. You may want to consider bringing multiple swimsuits along with you just in case you forget something.

2) Optional Items:

  1. a) Snorkel Gear – One option that some people choose to bring with them is snorkeling gear. The shores of Hawaii are beautiful even without bringing gear with you. There are a lot of tour companies available for you to rent or purchase gear from in order to snorkel and explore the underwater life in Hawaii.
  2. b) T-Shirt – While you can wear anything you want, Hawaii is very casual and everyone wears T-shirts.
  3. c) Aloha Dress – Going barefoot is perfectly fine in Hawaii. You can also wear short skirts, but most people like to avoid that type of thing.
  4. d) Flip Flops – Hawaii is a hot and humid place so it’s best to bring some flip flops for warm weather.
  5. e) Sunglasses – Many people need their sunglasses for the sun’s glare so it’s best to bring them along with you in case your sunglasses break or get scratched.

3) Sports Wear:

  1. a) Tennis Shoes – Hawaii is known for being a sports enthusiast’s paradise. There are many things to do on the sand and in the waves. Tennis shoes are a must as you can play tennis, go surfing or swim in the waves without getting your feet wet.
  2. b) Swimming Suit – Going barefoot is perfectly fine in Hawaii. You can also wear short skirts, but most people like to avoid that type of thing.
  3. c) Sports Socks – Going barefoot is perfectly fine in Hawaii. You can also wear short skirts, but most people like to avoid that type of thing.


Packing for a trip to Hawaii can be overwhelming, but it’s also easy. If you know what to bring and what not to bring you’ll be set with your packing list. Make sure that you don’t forget anything important before heading out on your next vacation!

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