Home Entertainment Biography What is Samantha Irvin’s height, age, & boyfriend name?

What is Samantha Irvin’s height, age, & boyfriend name?

What is Samantha Irvin’s height, age, & boyfriend name?
NAME Samantha Irvin
DOB January 9, 1995
AGE 28 years
HEIGHT 5 feet 9 inches
PROFESSION WWE anchor, model, influencer
ZODIAC SIGN Capricorn 
NET WORTH $ 2.5 million USD
SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram – samanthairvinwwe


If you are a WWE viewer, you might have heard about Samantha Irvin. People are curious to know Samantha Irvin’s height as the screen aspects cannot capture the real physical features of any of the WWE characters or anchors. Samantha Irvin is not new to the world of WWE. She has been associated with the franchise for decades. She is a beautiful woman and does not get involved in controversies that often. Since there is no reliable source of information about her on the internet, This post will give all the complete information about her early life, personal life, and professional life. Let us begin with her early life and family heritage.

Who is Samantha Irvin? A peek into her early life

Who is Samantha Irvin
Who is Samantha Irvin

Samantha Irvin is a leading anchor of the WWE and also a sports broadcaster with various other channels. She is also a social media influencer, media personality, and WWE celebrity from the US. She grew up watching WWE and wanted to become a wrestler too but it was only during the pandemic she was hired by WWE as an anchor and ring announcer. She has anchored many of the historic events that have occurred in WWE in previous years. Many of her fans don’t know that she is also a vocalist and a pianist.

Taking considerations about her birthdate, all websites claim different dates but her original date of birth is January 9, 1995. She was born in Massachusetts, USA. Currently, Samantha is 28 years old and her zodiac sign is Capricorn. Her father’s name is Johnson Irvin while her mother’s name is Marie Dakotah. Her mother is Native American while her father is an American national having roots in Scotland. Her father was a real estate agent while her mother is a pianist by profession. As of now, the couple are no longer together and she was raised by her mother alone after 6 years of age. Samantha has two step-brothers named Noah and Kenn and two sisters Marlena and Kelci. Her whole family believes in the principles and teachings of Christianity. 

Taking into consideration her educational qualification, she attended Normadin School for middle school while New Bedford for High schooling. Later to pursue higher education in media studies and for her graduation, she attended Northeastern University, Boston. Before Beginning her career as an anchor in WWE, she was inclined towards this sport since childhood. As a child, her favorite WWE superstar was Steven Austin. She has also been the audience of the final match when he won the WrestleMania. 

Samantha Irvin’s personal life and boyfriend details:

About her previous profession and other details before 2020, there is nothing in the public domain. But after she stepped into WWE, she became close friends with WWE star Richochet. Soon their friendship got converted to a relationship and the couple also has a child as an outcome of the relationship. They have also announced their engagement and their upcoming marriage through social media posts. Fans also came to know about the news from a match where Ricochet had planned to kiss Samantha in a WWE event after which he gets the energy to fight with the opponents. It was a comical and hilarious act to watch but it cleared all the doubts in the mind of people regarding their relationship. From her past relationship, Samantha already has a daughter named Myra. 

Samantha Irvin’s height, weight, and other characteristics:

Samantha is one of the most attractive females from the WWE industry. She is often compared with other Hollywood celebrities and is a desire of many men. Since she used to practice for WWE during childhood, she has a strong built body having a chiseled shape, a toned physique, and a bit of a rawness. Her skin color complexion is brown and has dark curly hair. She also has one of the most attractive measurements. Her breast, waist, and hip ratio is 36, 27, & 36.  Samantha’s Irvin height is 5 feet 9 inches while she weighs 63 Kg. She also has a massive fanbase on various social media platforms although she is not a WWE diva. On her official Instagram account, she has approximately 1 million followers.

Samantha Irvin Career:

Samantha has one of the most promising careers as an anchor in WWE. She began her journey as an aspiring WWE diva but soon transitioned her career towards anchoring. She has previously worked with many other channels as a sports anchor and has also hosted many events in the past. Then she was chosen as an anchor for the NXT and soon became one of the WWE anchors.  Her anchoring skills are captivating which the audience cannot miss at all. During the game she also gives her insights and inputs which forces the audience to hold back in their seats. She also does some brand endorsements through live TV, social media, and through other mediums. 

Samantha Irvin Net Worth:

Samantha Irvin Net Worth
Samantha Irvin Net Worth

Samantha Irvin has a net worth of over 2.5 million USD. She not only receives a heavy numeration as a WWE anchor but also has many other sound investments in various real estate properties and assets. For each of the events hosted by Samantha, WWE pays her USD 80,000. Apart from these she also gets an annual contractual amount which is around $100,000 per year from the WWE. She has made good investments before entering WWE in real estate. She received a monthly rental of around USD 30,000 per month from two apartments in Los Angeles. Selling merchandise and products related to WWE superstars like her fiance is also one of her side hustles and she generates a good revenue out of it. So taking into consideration all her income sources, Samantha’s net worth is around 2.5 million USD.

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