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Get to Know YouTuber Pawan Sahu’s height, GF, & net worth

Get to Know YouTuber Pawan Sahu’s height, GF, & net worth
NAME Pawan Sahu
DOB July 31, 1992
  • YouTuber
  • Bodybuilder
  • Influencer
  • Gym trainer
  • Actor
  • Toyota Fortuner
  • Mahindra Scorpio N
  • Mahindra Thar


Pawan Sahu is a famous YouTuber from India and has a very high number of subscribers. His subscribers are growing at a rapid rate. His fans are often curious about knowing the physical measurements of the bodybuilder Pawan Sahu. 

Pawan Sahu has a height above average Indian and has a good body structure. He has invested years of hard work in making his body. His official YouTube channel revolves around family vlogs, and bodybuilding, Year on year more people are getting associated with him due to his honest work and reviews. 

In this blog, you will get detailed information regarding Pawan Sahu’s height, weight, and other features along with some glimpse into his personal and professional life. 

Who is Pawan Sahu?

Who is Pawan Sahu?
Who is Pawan Sahu?
  • Pawan Sahu is an Indian YouTuber, model, bodybuilder, vlogger, and social media influencer. Pawan Sahu is also a motivational speaker and his videos are liked by many youngsters from the Indian subcontinent. He has been vlogging since 2019 and became viral during the pandemic period. 
  • He gives some of the best alternatives to conventional gyming since most of that equipment is expensive. All have seen his transition in these years. He also makes random shorts on his same YouTube channel that also become viral. Most of his videos and shorts have 3 million views on his channel. 
  • He often shows his flamboyant lifestyle in his channel which attracts many roasters towards him. Professionally he also mentions himself as a Trainer. His videos are often controversial and seem illogical to some viewers. He has been filmed wasting precious natural resources to gain some views. He has often been titled as “Show off king” by some of the YouTubers. Let us have a sneak peek into his early life.

Pawan Sahu DOB and early life:

Pawan Sahu was born on July 31, 1992, in a small town of Rajasthan called Bhilwara. His Zodiac sign is Leo and is currently 31 years old. Most of his childhood was spent here. He belongs to the Hindu Marwadi family who also have their roots in Maharashtra. He completed his high school on 31 May 2010 from DAV public school in Bhilwara and went to Pune to pursue Engineering. He then completed his engineering from D.Y Patil University Pune. 

During his teenage years, he was passionate about bodybuilding. He wanted to establish himself in the industry and had many Bollywood and Hollywood actors as his source of inspiration. During his college days, he did modeling for a brief period. It was during the pandemic time he uploaded his first video where he was in his initial days of bodybuilding. 

Earlier his videos came after a long time. It was only after “challenge videos”, he became famous on YT. People are curious to know about how Pawan Sahu has so many subscribers but not enough viewers on his channel yet he has bought some luxury cars claiming from the YT income. His car collection can often be seen in his videos. 

Pawan Sahu Hobbies and personal life:

Pawan Sahu Hobbies

Apart from workout and bodybuilding, he likes offroading, cooking, and gardening. Many of his fans don’t know that he also loves doing philanthropic work and often donates food and money in public. Talking about his personal life, there seems to be no controversy. He has no girlfriend till now or it is also possible that he wants to keep his personal life hidden from the public.

Pawan Sahu’s height, weight, and other measurements:

His actions may be controversial but no one can deny the fact that he has worked hard in building a strong physique. He is one of the most followed YouTubers in the fitness category. He has a well-toned body 6 packs and well chiseled muscles. Pawan Sahu’s height is 5 foot 10 inches while weighing 76 Kg. His skin complexion is wheatish and has thick black hair. Time and again he has himself given measurements of his muscles in his YT videos. 

Pawan Sahu’s car collection:

Pawan Sahu's car collection

Pawan Sahu has a sound collection of SUVs and cars. At the start of his career, he drove his family car which was a Maruti Suzuki XL6. Later in his videos, he is often seen flaunting his three SUVs, Mahindra Scorpio, Thar, and Toyota Fortuner. Recently in one of his shorts, he was seen unfolding a supercar that looked similar to a Lamborghini. Pawan Sahu captioned this video as “aur ye sapna jald pura hoga” meaning “this dream will soon be fulfilled”. From this video, it can be inferred that a supercar can be in his driveway. Apart from these luxurious collections, Pawan also has a family tractor which is used for agricultural purposes.

Pawan Sahu Income sources and Net worth:

  • Pawan Sahu has a huge fan following despite his controversial claims and videos. In his YouTube account Pawan Sahu, he has nearly 25 million subscribers. From his views on videos, Pawan directly earns nearly 5 lakh a month. Another contributor to his growth is through brand endorsements. Many YouTubers get highly paid by “Online betting companies”. supplement companies, and various other brands. 
  • Since Pawan was already famous on YouTube, it didn’t take a long time for his Instagram account to grow. In his official account, he has nearly 2 million followers. Here also he gets heavily paid for endorsing various brands. He is one of those influencers who are still active on Facebook. 
  • Apart from these online sources of income, he also works as a gym trainer and personal coach. He also participates in various championships where he receives cash prizes along with recognition. He belongs to a family having agricultural roots and has acres of land to cultivate. So taking account of all his income sources, Pawan Sahu has more than 5 crores of net worth.

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