Study Reveals Hunting Trends In America

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Over time, hunting has become the favourite cultural pursuit in many American states – Texas, Pennsylvania and Florida to name a few. As such, a leading rifle accessories company, Tier One, has conducted thorough research into the latest hunting trends in America. Keeping up-to-date with hunting trends is important if you’d like to have a successful harvest time and time again. With that in mind, find out more below.

The Best Hunting State

Texas is the best state for hunting in America, Tier One’s research has shown. Because of a wide variety of landscapes, local wildlife, and a thriving population of white-tailed deer, Texas has become the hunting hotspot of the States. Hunters of every skill level can harvest here, and there are no seasonal restrictions on hunting either!

The Most Popular Hunting Type

With a lead of 59%, Tier One’s survey of 500 US-based hunters has demonstrated that the most popular hunting type is ‘rifle big game.’ This may come as no surprise to you! Of course, white-tailed deer are an exceptionally popular big game to hunt in the US, and they’re also the most common type of deer that we have.  

The Most Hunted Animal

Perhaps due to their impressive number, white-tailed deer are also the most hunted animal in America. 64% of the hunters surveyed by Tier One proudly hunt this prey, even as they’re remarkably skittish and fast! For this reason, ambush hunting is commonly implemented to hunt white-tail.

The Most Prized Trophy Animal

Again, the most prized trophy animal in America is the deer. Hunters covet deer of all kinds for their sturdy antlers and their gorgeous coats. Often, trophies such as these are precious accomplishments after a struggle in the wilderness! Ranking after deer are elk and bears – both equally formidable foes that represent trophies hard-won.

 The Best Firearm for Hunting

Tier One also decided to find out the best firearm for hunting.

To seize good hunting opportunities, your equipment needs to deliver on substantial power and accuracy, while being adaptable to different environments. For this reason, the .22 stands as the best firearm for hunting. A .22 caliber rifle is perfect for targeting long-distance games of up to 150 yards, though we don’t recommend sticking to just one caliber ourselves.

Hunters often implement a variety of firearms to harvest their game successfully – hunting is not a one-size-fits-all all pursuit! For example, you should also consider the .308 caliber rifle; this is a versatile weapon that complements a variety of hunting situations.

The Main Reason Why People Hunt

The reasons why people hunt fluctuate with every passing year, but, as the latest hunting trends show, most hunters currently do so for meat. Hunting is the best way to ensure your meat is healthier, cheaper and higher quality. In certain states, hunting is also more sustainable than buying in-store.

Yet, something to consider is the increase in hunting as an adventure sport – up to 17% of people hunt for the excitement and thrill of taking on the wilderness, and to hone their discipline.

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