What’s REALLY going on between Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell? All those affair rumors laid bare

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Are they or aren’t they? DailyMail.com lays bare ALL of the Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney affair rumors that are taking over social media

Hollywood’s most buzz-worthy relationship of the moment might not be a relationship at all. 

 Rumors have been running rampant on social media that Glen Powell, 34, and his Anyone But You co-star Sydney Sweeney, 25, are in the throes of a romantic tryst. 

The pair have appeared loved-up in multiple social media posts, including an outing with Powell’s extended family, and their chemistry on the red carpet is undeniable. 

Between pet names, hand-holding and smoldering gazes, speculation has been growing that Powell and Sweeney are having an affair. Adding fuel to the fire, Powell recently split from his girlfriend of three years Gigi Paris, who subsequently unfollowed Sweeney on Instagram.

As for the engaged Euphoria star, Sydney Sweeney has seemingly ditched her $150K engagement ring as of late. She is set to tie the knot with longtime partner Jonathan Davino, 38, but has been repeatedly photographed without the sparkler. 

To compound the situation, in April, Davino was seen leaving Sydney’s West Los Angeles home with packed bags and her dog.

Despite the rumors, however, the couple has been seen together on multiple date nights. 

DailyMail.com has gathered the evidence – and there is a lot of it – to determine if the Hollywood heartthrob and the ‘it girl’ are more than just friends. 

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