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Your domain name matters


Like every business before you, you need to find a name that works for you. It should explain what you are doing or at least be very catchy. The name of the business or website makes a huge difference, not only name-wise but also when it comes to SEO. Bingo sites have perfected this by choosing names that contain the word bingo, or close enough so people understand. Usually, they try to keep it as short as possible and make it as catchy as possible. An online bingo bonus is a great way to start a bingo site. Getting a bonus on XXX can really make sure that the name gets stuck in the head of a potential client. 

This is of course not limited to the bingo market but to any market. You want a name that sticks out and that informs the customer or client about your business. By making it catchy it will be more easily remembered. 

A domain name should be short and catchy

If you have a business with a long name, you should immediately look at domain names that are shorter and better. Because the shorter the domain name the better and more people will remember it if they hear it. That’s why you should focus on making something as catchy as possible. Always remember that your domain name doesn’t need to be the same as your company name. It can be an abbreviation or a shorter form. A nickname even for your own business or website. Because is not only businesses that should think about their domain name. If you run a blog, the same practice applies. 

Think about the difference between a blog with a long name or a short name. This might give you an idea how you should think when you are choosing your domain name. In the end, the shorter the name the more people will remember it. Because a longer name will have a potential for spelling mistakes and for a lot of different issues. A person might not remember a long text but will have an easier time remembering a shorter one. 

Getting the right domain name 

Let’s say that you have already chosen the name of your domain. You will notice that it’s already taken. It’s very hard to find a good domain name in today’s digital world. A lot of people snap up domain names, not to use but to sell later. So, it might be hard getting your domain name. 

Think about this before buying it for a lot of money: 

  • Is it unique? 
  • Is it the right domain name for you? 
  • Will it help people find your website? 
  • Is the cost worth getting the name? 

By doing this you can find out how to make everything easier and better for yourself. You should always have a domain name that suits your business in the end and that attracts customers. The shorter the better. So, don’t underestimate the needs you have and find the best possible alternative.


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