Home Entertainment Biography What is Anuv Jain height, weight, & net worth?

What is Anuv Jain height, weight, & net worth?

What is Anuv Jain height, weight, & net worth?
NAME Anuv Jain
DOB March 11, 1995
RELIGION Hinduism and Jainism
LANGUAGES KNOWN Hindi, English, & Punjabi
PLACE OF BIRTH Ludhiana, Punjab, India

Music composer




HOBBIES Traveling



There are countless people in Bollywood who have a soothing voice. One such voice is Anuv Jain. Anuv Jain is an Indian singer who has a melodious voice and so far has sung nearly a dozen songs. There are many projects underway for him. In this post, we will elaborate on all details like Anuv Jain’s height, physical features, net worth, girlfriends, and other aspects of his social and personal life. Anuv Jain has a promising career and has a different approach towards singing when compared to contemporary artists. If you are not aware of his biography and lifestyle, then this blog will help you discover all of these.

Who is Anuv Jain? A little intro about this prodigy singer:

Who is Anuv Jain?
Who is Anuv Jain?

Anuv Jain is an Indian singer, writer, and music composer. Apart from this he also has a YouTube channel where he releases his new videos. His plain simple music is pleasant for the ears. Most of his songs consist of just a few instruments in the background and his melodious voice. Anuv is a pure talent in true means. In today’s era where even Hollywood singers use Autotune, he has captivated his listeners with minimum use of such technologies. 

The themes of Anuv’s songs are usually based on romantic and sad songs. He reminds people of the indie artists who were famous during the 90s and early 2000s. He writes his songs himself and also plays instruments like the ukulele or guitar himself. A few of his famous songs include “Baarishein”, “Husn”, “Gul”, “Ocean”, and others which often rank high on songs and video streaming platforms. Anuv’s popularity is not only limited to India but has an impact on other neighboring countries too like Pakistan, Bangladesh, or even the Middle East. 

Anuv Jain’s early life and educational background:

Anuv's educational background
Anuv’s educational background

Anuv Jain was born on March 11, 1995, in the Indian city of Ludhiana Punjab. Anuv Jain belongs to the Jain family based in Punjab. They believe in both Jainism as well as Hinduism and can fluently speak Punjabi. His mother’s name is Shambhavi Jain. His father is no more in the world. While Tanuj was 19, he lost his father.

The loss of his father was indeed a tragic one as before dying he was in a coma for two years. This loss made Tanuj emotional and he found music a way to escape from it. He began writing and then started uploading it on his YouTube channel. His first song was “Meri Baaton Mein Tu”. Jain mostly takes inspiration from real-life incidents. His source of inspiration is Japanese singer “George Kusunoki Miller” also known as “Joji”.

Talking about the educational qualifications of Anuv, Anuv completed his schooling at a private school in Ludhiana. To complete his bachelor’s degree, he attended the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies for a BBA course. After completing his education he became an intern at “Lowe Lintas Linopinion”. His interest in his job and business faded soon so he shifted his focus towards music. 

Anuj Jain’s height, weight, and other physical measurements:

Apart from having a soothing voice, Anuv is also blessed with good looks and a physique. Anuj Jain is a young and good-looking artist with a wheatish skin complexion. He has dark black hair and has a good lean physique. He has a height of 5 feet 10 inches and a weight of 72 Kg. In most of his songs, the background is black and white which further enhances his appearance. In his Instagram also most of his posts appear to be based out of India adding more scenic experience to his personality. 

Anuj Jain’s growth and career:

The turning point in his career was YouTube. It was only during the pandemic time that he was able to deliver his full potential to the public. Although his first song was released in 2016 named “Baarishein”, he didn’t have enough views but the songs that followed later during the pandemic time, started gaining views. His first song as of now has 84 million views. He has so far done countless shows across the country. 

After this, he soon became a sensation and then gave back-to-back songs receiving good feedback and views. His other song, Ocean got 9 million views, then Riha got 14 million views, Alag Aasmaan got 43 million views, and more. His last song is “Husn” which has 65 million views by now. 

Spotify too contributed to his growth. His first song “Baarishein” has more than 300 million streams on the platform followed by “Husn” having 60 million streams within the first month of its release. Apart from these, Anuv has given many other hits which has given a spike in his subscriber count to 1.80 million. The same number of people follow him on Instagram too. 

Anuv Jain Hobbies & personal life:

Anuv Jain Hobbies

Anuv loves singing, traveling, and photography. His Instagram is filled with several moments of his life beautifully captured. So far he has traveled to many European countries and has even performed there. He also loves making short videos and reels to share with his viewers. Talking about his personal life, there is nothing much about the artist in the public domain.

Anuv Jain Net Worth:

Anuv has a Net worth of more than 4 crore Rupees. His major source of income comes through YouTube views and endorsements. His monthly income from the platform is above 8 lakhs. Then his income from his concerts and shows contributes the other half of his income. From the concerts, he not only receives a huge sum but also various opportunities to collaborate with other artists and meet new people from the industry. Other sources of income include yields from various assets and investments made by Anuv Jain.

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