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Common Rodent Control Problems in Australia


There are a lot of creatures that can live in your home without notice. Some of them, however, are pretty noticeable such as rodents. When it gets cold outside, and we run to get warm in the house, rodents often follow. Protecting your home from rodent infestations should be a top priority for you as a homeowner. 

The most common rodents that homeowners see in Australia are mice and rats. Once they are in, it becomes a challenge trying to get them out of the house. It also carries an extra burden as you have to clean the house off rodent waste. With that, let’s find out more about the common rodent control problems in Australia. 


There are millions of mice in the streets of New South Wales and Queensland, Australia, today. The farmers in these areas have no peace as they have to contend with the rodent infestation. They are losing entire harvests to the rodents who are running wild. A female mouse can breed every three days. As per Reuters, a pair of breeding mice can birth 500 baby mice in a single season. The problem is so bad that locals are using drones to drop poison. The locals have also set up extra traps to rid their streets of these dirty little creatures. 


Another common rodent control problem in Australia is the black rat. These rats are common in most Australian cities and are known to spread diseases. They are also notorious for chewing on electrical cables.

Unlike the mice in Queensland, rats tend to hide, and you need to be capable of identifying signs to know if there’s an infestation. Some of the signs you need to look out for include smear marks, teeth marks, and droppings. 

How to Prevent Infestation in Your Home

With rats and mice running wild in some Australian cities, you need to find ways to keep them out of your house. Outside of calling Dentec Pest Management & Control in NSW, here are some traditional methods you can use to keep rats and mice out of your home. 

Seal All Exterior Openings

The first trick is to seal off your house by closing holes. Also, use rodent-proof material to seal off your doors and vents. Metal screens are great for rodents as it’s difficult for them to chew through the materials. However, if they are persistent enough, they will eventually get through it. 

Remove Current Rodents

The things about rodents are that they tend to breed ever so often. If you have two breeding in your house, soon you’ll have an infestation. You need to do away with the ones already living in your home. You can use traps and bait poison to do away with the rodents. 

Clean your Yard

You need now to remove clutter and all garbage from your yard. This will ensure there are no hiding places for the rodents. Also, do away with the bushes and shrubs that are close to the house. 

Remove Food Sources

Fruit trees are a natural magnet for rodents, especially when there are fallen fruits. You can prune the trees regularly and also pick up any fallen fruits ASAP. 

Staying Rodent Free

There have been rodent problems in Australia for a while, with the most common being rats and mice. But there are ways to stop them and keep them out of your house. You can stay rodent-free with these simple measures. 



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