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How to Choose a Travel Management Company


Are you ready to let someone else take care of organising your corporate travel? A good travel management company will take all the stress out of business travel by streamlining your processes and saving you money. 

However, with so many travel management companies to choose from, how do you select the right one for your corporate travel needs? Keep reading to discover the main factors you should consider when choosing your next supplier of travel management services. 

Company values 

When selecting any partner for your business, travel-related or not, you need to choose a company that shares your same core values. To do this, you need to look into their company structure, the experience of its employees, and its approach to social and corporate responsibility

For example, if you are dedicated to sustainability, you want to choose a travel management company that showcases its eco-credentials. It is also a good idea to evaluate the overall company culture as this can also help you to determine whether you will be able to work well together. 

Services offered

Of course, the travel management company that you pick will be highly dependent on the services that they offer. Ideally, you want to look for a company that offers a comprehensive travel management service so that all your corporate travel needs are taken care of by one supplier. 

It can be a good idea to look for a company that not only cares about your bottom line, but that also provides services that make corporate travel more enjoyable for your employees. 

Level of experience 

If you want to find a travel management company that you can trust and rely on, you need to know that they are experts in their field. Ask questions such as “how many years experience do your employees have?” and “do you invest in regular industry training?”. You may also want to ask about employee turnover rates, as this can be a clear indicator of how reputable a company is. 

Once you are ready to take the next step in hiring a travel management company, you should ask to be introduced to your dedicated account manager, as this will enable you to make the right final decision for your company. 

Size of the company 

If you have already searched online “top travel management companies in Australia”, you will know that they come in all manner of shapes and sizes. The question is, should you opt for a large company or a more intimate one? 

The answer lies in what you need from your chosen company. For example, if your company spends $50k on travel per year and the travel management company turns over $200 million, you are unlikely to have your needs met. 

However, if you took your $50k over to a smaller company that has a turnover of $20 million, you are much more likely to get the personal service that you deserve. 

If you are a multinational business, you may be unsure about whether to choose a global or regional travel management firm. Of course, an established global company will offer branded global solutions, but you may also find smaller TMCs that can provide you with worldwide solutions via a third-party network.


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