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Khloe Kardashian admits she feels ‘less connected’ to her newborn son



Khloe Kardashian feels ‘guilty’ over her lack of connection to her newborn son and wishes people were more ‘honest’ with her about the realities of surogacy.

She speaks openly about the ‘transactional’ experience while hanging with Kim Kardashian and Scott Disick in the season three premiere episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians on Thursday. 

Khloe’s baby boy — who is reportedly named ‘Tatum’ — was born via surrogate last July and he is the second child she shares with philandering ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson. They also have five-year-old daughter True.  

The Good American founder, 38, learned just weeks after they went through with an embryo transfer in November 2021 that he’d secretly fathered a child with fitness model Maralee Nichols.

Khloe recalls just how ‘hard the surrogate process’ was for her, with Kim reiterating that her sister had ‘a hard time accepting’ it all.

Honest: Khloe Kardashian feels 'guilty' over her lack of connection to her newborn son and wishes people were more 'honest' with her about the realities of surogacy

Honest: Khloe Kardashian feels ‘guilty’ over her lack of connection to her newborn son and wishes people were more ‘honest’ with her about the realities of surogacy

Khloe's baby boy — who is reportedly named 'Tatum' — was born via surrogate last July

 Khloe’s baby boy — who is reportedly named ‘Tatum’ — was born via surrogate last July

‘It was a mindf**k,’ Khloe remarks. ‘It’s just the weirdest thing.’

‘I do think there is a difference when the baby is in your belly, the baby actually feels your real heart. There is no one else on this planet who will feel you from the inside like that,’ explains Kim, who used surrogacy for two of her four pregnancies.

‘People can connect in different ways, some cannot connect.’

Scott asks Khloe: ‘So do you feel less connected?’

Khloe reluctantly admits to the disconnect but also acknowledges that people have told her it can take time.

She does appear to envy the fact that Kim had an ‘easy’ time connecting with her two youngest children born via surrogacy.

‘I definitely buried my head in the sand during that pregnancy and that I didn’t digest what was happening,’ Khloe explains in confessional.

‘So I think when I went to the hospital, I really think that was the first time that it really registered,’ she explains.

Khloe insists that her feelings have ‘nothing to do with the baby,’ but more so the circumstances and how it felt ‘transactional’ to her.

‘You’re just like, “Ok, we’re having a baby and this is my son and I’m taking him home with me,”‘ she explains.

‘I definitely was in a state of shock from my entire experience. I felt really guilty that this woman just had my baby and I take the baby and I go in another room and we are sort of separated.

‘I felt that it was such a transactional experience because it’s not about him.’

All in all, Khloe says that she wishes she had known more about surrogacy and the complexities of if before moving forward.

‘I wish someone was honest about surrogacy and the difference of it. It doesn’t mean it’s bad or good. It’s still great. It’s just very different,’ she says.

To close out their convo, Kim reminds Khloe and Scott that if their brother Rob doesn’t end up having a son in his lifetime then the ‘Kardashian name is dead.’

‘What does a world without the Kardashian name look like?’ one of the producers ask Kim in confessional.

She speaks openly about the 'transactional' experience while hanging with Kim Kardashian and Scott Disick in the season three premiere episode of Hulu's The Kardashians on Thursday

She speaks openly about the ‘transactional’ experience while hanging with Kim Kardashian and Scott Disick in the season three premiere episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians on Thursday 

Khloe recalls just how 'hard the surrogate process' was for her, with Kim reiterating that her sister had 'a hard time accepting' it all

Khloe recalls just how ‘hard the surrogate process’ was for her, with Kim reiterating that her sister had ‘a hard time accepting’ it all

She replies with a giggle: ‘I can insert a lot of things that other people would say. It’s like less drama.’

‘Men can have babies until they’re like 90, so we have time for Rob,’ Khloe tells Kim. ‘It’s gonna happen, give him time.’

She also takes fans a long as she embarks on a ‘really scary’ journey after discovering a suspicious bump on her face that turned out to be melanoma.

Khloe — who is predisposed to the skin cancer — is asked about the ‘band-aid on you face’ by Scott during his visit to her house.

She tells the audience that she had a bump on her face biopsied after keeping an eye on it for ‘seven or eight months.’

‘I am just waiting for the results,’ says Khloe, who remarked that the ordeal was just another blow following her ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson’s paternity scandal and the birth of their son via surrogate last year.

Khloe’s mom Kris Jenner reveals the results of the biopsy while speaking to younger daughter Kylie Jenner at a party celebrating Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila line.

She pulls the Kylie Cosmetics founder aside and tells her that the bump is cancerous.

‘I’m just a little worried and now she has to have it removed,’ Kris reveals in whisper.

‘Wow,’ Kylie reacts.

Kris says that Khloe has a ‘history of melanoma and cancerous legions’ so this latest bout on her face is ‘very concerning’ to her and the family.

‘You have to go in and you don’t know how much of your cheek they’re gonna take,’ Kris explains to Kylie of Khloe’s next steps.

In confessional, Kylie recalls seeing the bump on Khloe’s face and how this entire situation is ‘really scary.’

‘I just hope that everything’s going to be ok,’ the mother-of-two adds.

After learning of her sister’s predicament, Kylie finds Khloe at the party and pulls her aside to talk to her one-on-one about what the procedure entails.

‘I have to get a plastic surgeon to cut the whole thing out,’ Khloe says bluntly.

‘They said that they won’t know until they open up my cheek how big they have to cut.’

The newborn baby is the second child she shares with philandering ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson

The newborn baby is the second child she shares with philandering ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson

They also have five-year-old daughter True

They also have five-year-old daughter True

Paternity scandal: The Good American founder, 38, learned just weeks after they went through with an embryo transfer in November 2021 that he'd secretly fathered a child with fitness model Maralee Nichols

Paternity scandal: The Good American founder, 38, learned just weeks after they went through with an embryo transfer in November 2021 that he’d secretly fathered a child with fitness model Maralee Nichols

Khloe admits that having cancer on her face is especially worrisome since it’s so visible.

‘I just don’t want a big scar on my face.’

Khloe explains in confessional that doctors told her it was ‘incredibly rare’ for someone at her age to have this so ‘they have to go in more to see if it spread.

‘So at this point it seems a little scary.’

Fans get a closer look at Khloe’s bandaged face while visiting her sister Kourtney Kardashian at the home she shares with Travis Barker in Calabasas.

Khloe previously had surgery at age 19 to remove melanoma on her back.

In October 2022, the mother-of-two took to her stories to explain the bandage on her face after fans began asking what it was for.

She confessed that she has to undergo an ‘immediate operation’ after having the lingering bump on her cheek checked out, which was later determined to be cancerous.

At the time, Khloe happily stated that her margins were clear and that she was focused on her healing process.

The episode kicks off with Khloe and Scott’s — who is the ex-boyfriend and baby daddy of Kourtney Kardashian — home hangout out.

They are soon joined by Khloe’s big sister Kim.

Scott asks Kim and Khloe — both of whom are recently single — if their noticeably slimmer frames are the result of ‘breakup diets.’

‘Break-up diets?’ Kim exclaims, before giving Scott a funny face.

Kim’s last dated SNL star Pete Davidson for nine months while Khloe parted ways with her philandering ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson in 2021 after learning he’d secretly fathered a child with another woman.

Though there have been rumors that she’s rekindled their controversial romance for the third time.

The sisters’ bodies have gone through major transformations over the past few years, which has led to accusations that the duo are taking Hollywood’ hottest weight loss drug Ozempic.

Ozempic is manufactured by Danish pharmaceutical giant Novo Nordisk and costs around $900 per dose.

The injectable version can be used on the stomach, thigh or arm, and it quickly works to suppress a person’s appetite, which can be useful in allowing them to shed weight.

It is currently only approved by the FDA as a type 2 diabetes treatment, but many medical providers have begun prescribing it off label as a weight-loss drug recently, and it has skyrocketed in popularity among wealthy customers looking to slim down.

However, the rush of rich people looking to buy the drug has created shortages that harm diabetic people who most need it for their health.

Khloe has slammed claims that her or any of her sisters have used the medication to achieve their incredibly svelte figures.

Instead she credited their mutual shrink downs to strict diet and excerise.

Kim faced backlash last year after she admitted to dropping 16 pounds in just two weeks in order to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s dress for the 2022 Met Gala.

She insisted that she ‘didn’t do anything unhealthy’ to achieve her goal. She ended up losing five more pounds in the weeks that followed — bringing her total weight loss to 21 pounds.

During Thursday night’s episode, Kim calls back to her nine-month romance with Pete, 29.

‘I’m single…,’ she tells the camera reluctantly, after producers reminded her that she was in the throws of love in season two.

She continues: ‘…and I’m not ready to mingle and that’s ok.’

‘So, how are you feeling [about] the first breakup since being married,’ Scott asks Kim.

Fans will remember that Pete was Kim’s first boyfriend following her shock divorce from controversial rapper Kanye West, 25, in February 2021. They were married for six years and welcomed four children together.

She began dating Pete that October and the romance sparked a fire inside Kim’s ex-husband, who waged an online war on the comedian.

Despite this, Kim and Pete continued to date until August 2022.

‘Breakups are just not my thing,’ Kim tells Scott.

‘Are they anybodies thing?’ he asks rhetorically.

Kim elaborates: ‘It’s just that I’m proud of myself.’

The SKIMS founder reveals that she and Pete had had ‘talks and talks’ about calling it quits before deciding to go through with it.

‘We’d been talking about it. So it was just both of us just, like, communicating really well about it,’ she explains. ‘It’s obviously sad.’

‘How long were you guys together?’ Scott asks.

‘Nine months,’ Kim replies. ‘That’s like a long time. I don’t have random hookups and relationships, you know what I mean? And everything I’ve been in is kind of like a longtime.’

Kim also says that she was plagued by a lot of guilt over what Pete had to endure during their time together — alluding to her ex-husband’s online abuse.

‘There was a lot of guilt. He went through a lot because, you know, my relationship.’

In confessional she admits to sometimes being concerned about how her romantic life will be moving forward.

‘Sometimes I’m like, ‘Who is ever gonna wanna date me? I have four kids. I’m in my 40s,”‘ she admits in confessional. ‘Who wants to deal with all the [drama]?’

Despite the intrusive thoughts, Kim knows that her ‘person’ won’t be deterred by her extraordinary life and, instead, will prove to be a supportive force.

‘My person will be like, ‘F**k all that! Like, it’s gonna be hard but we’re together! And like, we’re gonna do this,’ she muses.

‘I’m just waiting for that person.’

Later in the episode, Kourtney Kardashian keeps Khloe and production waiting for nearly 20 minutes so she can enjoy a quick hookup with husband Travis Barker.

Kourtney reveals to her sister — who had stopped by to visit the couple at their home — that she’s ‘ovulating’ and needs to quickly take advantage of the opportunity.

‘If you give us five minutes to go do something really fast…,’ Kourtney hints through grinning teeth before leaving the room with the Blink-182 rocker.

‘Are you really ovulating,’ asks Khloe. ‘Yes I am,’ Kourtney confidently replies as she strips off her microphone pac and leaves it on a chair.

‘Well, let’s see if it takes five minutes,’ Khloe says, before starting the timer on her phone.

The Good American founder tells the cameras that this moment reminds her of the time when she fell asleep in her parents Kris and Caitlyn Jenner’s closet and woke up to them ‘having sex.

‘And this is sort of triggering me.’

What was supposed to be a five-minute break turned into a 15-minute sex session.

Kourtney eventually returns and Khloe asks her to ‘guess’ the time on her stopwatch.

Khloe shows her the screen and Kourtney hilariously remarks that that’s ‘record time’ for them.

Kourtney tells fans that ‘wife life’ is treating her ‘amazing.’

The couple happily wed in May 2022 at Dolce and Gabbana’s Portofino Villa after legally tying the knot the week prior at a Santa Barbara courthouse.

Kourtney then confirms to fans that she is done with IVF treatment after hoping it would help her conceive a child with husband Travis.

They embarked on the journey last year, which she previously confessed had not ‘been the most amazing experience.’

The reality star is mother to Mason, 13; Penelope, 10; and Reign, eight— with her former partner Scott Disick, whom she dated from 2005 until 2015.

‘We would love a baby more than anything but I just really believe in what God has in store for us,’ she explains in confessional.

Kourtney notes that she had ‘seven frozen eggs from years ago before Travis’ that those around her pushed her to get.

‘When I was 38 or 39 everyone was like pushing me to do that and most of mine didn’t survive the thaw because eggs are one cell and none of them made it to an embryo,’ she reveals.

The mother-of-three is aware that the ‘freezing of the eggs is not a guarantee.’

Regardless, Kourtney tells Khloe that she’s aware that her and Travis already ‘have a full, blessed life.’

‘All the thing that came with IVF took a toll on me physically. My health is still impacted because it’s hormones. And also mentally it took a toll,’ she explains.

‘So, I think just being happy is most important and being a good parent to my kids. We are just embracing that whatever is meant to be will be.’

Kourtney tells Khloe that although their family likes to ‘lift each other up’ in times of crisis, she feels that it’s mostly in a ‘superficial way.’

‘Like I don’t think that we know how to be there for each other on like a deeper level,’ she says.

This shocks Khloe, who insists that she believes she’s always there for family in a deep way.

‘When there’s something pretty dramatic or devastating in the family, we’re all by the person’s side. That’s my experience,’ she says in confessional.

‘But if Kourtney doesn’t feel that way then I feel badly for her. But I could easily say, “Yeah, like how you didn’t checkup on me with the baby.”

‘But, she’s in her love bubble,’ Khloe concludes.

Kourtney acknowledges that her and Khloe have always had a deep connection since they were little and that she will always be her ‘soulmate after her true soulmate’ Travis.

‘With Khloe and I there is no competition, we are just genuinely obsessed with each other,’ she tells the audience with a smile.

‘We also vibed a lot on making fun of Kim and then I think when that was gone, Kim and Khloe were, like, vibing and then I was the one that got ganged up on,’ she explains.

Kourtney’s aware that people have been saying Kim is Khloe’s ‘new Kourtney,’ but she confidently states: ‘No one could be as funny as me, obviously.’

Regardless of their distance, Kourtney insists that the sister would ‘all do anything for each other and, like, ride for each other until the end.

‘But it is a different thing.’

Khloe explains to Kourtney that they’re no longer doing ‘one-on-one activities together’ like they used to because she is always with Travis or with her children.

‘Which I get, I would be, too,’ she adds.

Khloe suggests that her and Kourtney ‘have a day together’ to catch up like old times.

‘Let’s pretend we’re back in Miami,’ says Khloe, with Kourtney dismissively adding: ‘And yelling on the streets…’

‘We don’t even have to leave the gates [of your home]. Do you know how much fun we have together no matter where we go?’ Khloe says.

‘I will let you pick anything you want.’

Kourtney seems interested in the idea but the two don’t nail down any specific plans for the future.

Fans also got to witness the first signs of trouble leading to Kourtney’s ugly feud with Kim over her Dolce & Gabbana deal in the premiere episode.

Kourtney hints at their ‘competitive’ relationship in confessional while Kim, 42, harbors guilt over working with D&G just months after Kourtney and Travis Barker did on their Italian wedding.

It’s also revealed that the SKIMS founder accepted the ‘amazing’ opportunity from designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana without discussing it with the newlyweds.

Discussions pertaining to Dolce & Gabbana kick off while Kris pays a visit to Kim’s to ask her about her call with Domenico.

‘Amazing. They want me to do a collection and design,’ says Kim, with Kris adding that she will also be ‘creative director for the whole [runway] show.’ 

Kim’s collection  — titled ‘Ciao Kim’ — debuted at Milan Fashion Week last September and, along with being co-designer, she is the face of the collection.

Kris explains to viewers: ‘They’ve never done this with anybody else ever.

‘They’ve never asked anybody to do a collaboration with them so I think it’s quite an honor when you look at it that way.’

Kim acknowledges that the offer is coming ‘a little too soon’ after Kourtney’s May 2022 nuptials.

‘I want to wait a year [to do it],’ says Kim, but Kris reminds her: ‘They want to do it for fashion week.’

‘But how are they going to pull that off in a few months,’ Kim asks.

Kris says that the brand’s ‘amazing’ talent would allow them to accomplish such a time crunch.

Though Kim expresses further concern over fashion week taking place just four months after Kourtney’s wedding, Kris tries to get her more comfortable with the idea.

‘By the time the clothes would come out, though, it would be almost nine months or a year,’ she explains.

Kim tells the audience in confessional that their family, especially Kris, has close ties to Dolce & Gabbana and that the designers had been asking her for years to do a fashion book.

‘After [Kourtney and Travis’] wedding, I got a call saying they wanted me to creative direct their fashion show in Milan and I think it’s such a good opportunity that I don’t want to pass this up.’

Kris tells Kim to ‘talk to Kourtney about it’ while she thinks it all over.

Later in the episode, Kylie Jenner meets up with her older sister Kendall Jenner to learn how to drive stick shift in Kendall’s black 1997 Porsche.

‘I was flattered because when she asks me to help her with something that I love doing, I couldn’t be more excited to hangout with her,’ Kendall says in confessional.

Kylie says she’s ‘determined’ to learn and looking forward to bond with the sister that she previously said she has the least in common with.

Despite looking very overwhelmed while Kendall explains to her how to shift gears, Kylie bravely gets into the drivers seat.

Kylie’s worried about locating the break while Kendall is mostly concerned with the idea of Kylie ‘crashing my car.’

Kylie performed her test rive in a parking lot and Kendall complimented her for giving it a go, but she admitted in confessional that her vintage car got a bit of beating.

Putting all her faith into her little sister, Kendall allows Kylie to drive them back home.

She cheers her on from the passengers seat while Kylie stares straight forward with her eyes wide.

After the driving lesson, Kendall attends her annual 818 party which is held on August 18 in honor of her successful 818 Tequila line.

Kim, Kris, Kris’ boyfriend Corey Gamble, Khloe and Kylie all turned out for the big event.

Kendall praised her family’s devotion to ‘supporting’ each other’s business endeavors.

The family doesn’t hesitate to grab their favorite tequila drinks as the party gets going.

Kylie admits in confessional that she’s the sister that can ‘drink the most and hold it the best.’

I mean I can drink A LOT,’ she emphasizes.

Kylie explains to viewers that Kendall and Kim are the sisters who get tipsy the quickest

‘They have trouble hiding it. They have two shots [and then] they’re announcing it to everyone.’

Kylie reveals that Kourtney ‘will pee on everybody and everywhere and in public’ when she’s drunk.

‘She’s like naked somewhere… she’s a free lady [when drunk.’

‘Khloe is fun to get drunk with but she can get very aggressive. Like watch out! And there is no stopping her,’ Kylie explains.

Just before dinner is served at Kendall’s party, the 818 founder delivers a toast and reflects on how much she’s learned in the tequila industry.

Joining the family at the soiree was close friend and British late-night host James Corden.

Khloe is seated next to James as she sarcastically informs him she ‘had a baby’ when he asks her how she’s been doing.

She remains tightlipped when he inquires about her newborn son’s name, but she happily shows a photo.

Though in confessional Khloe confirms that she has in fact found a name for her son, it is bleeped out.

‘Naming a human is very hard,’ Khloe says. ‘I feel like I’ve gone through a lot recently, so what’s one more thing on my plate.’

At the episode’s end Kim breaks down in tears while revealing the emotional and mental pain her ex-husband Kanye West has put her through since their divorce.

Kim — who split from the controversial rapper in February 2021 after six years of marriage and four children together — tells her mother Kris that she’s ‘exhausted’ by Kanye’s behavior.

She gets particularly emotional while speaking about how her ex-husband ‘looks down on [her]’ for her infamous 2007 sex tape and ‘brings it up’ whenever he can.

‘All of his shenanigans is going to be far more damaging to the kids one day than my tape will ever be,’ she tells Kris passionately.

The SKIMS founder also reveals her true feelings about Kanye’s habit of making their private text message public.

The scene kicks off with Kim admitting to her mother that she’s been dealing with anxiety attacks as a result of the stress Kanye has put her under.

‘I spent my whole morning having an anxiety attack. I felt like I just couldn’t breathe all day. You know when you just are on the verge of tears it’s like your throat is about to cry? That’s how I felt all day,’ says Kim.

In confessional, Kim acknowledges that there ‘has been a lot going on between me and Kanye right now’ and that it’s dominated the media.

‘Even through all the craziness of things that Kanye says about us like I never comment, I never post,’ she tells her mom.

‘Like, he has made up the most insane narrative about you and the tape and we stay silent and we stay silent through all the lies, all the stuff.’

With Kanye having continually made their family matters public, Kim states that she just ‘[expects] that everything that I text Kanye will be put on the internet.’

Although this pains her, Kim says that Kanye bringing her family, particularly her mother, into his online rants is what sets her over the edge.

‘I think I can handle anything, I just get really heartbroken for my mom that she has to deal with so much from so many different sides,’ she tells the camera.

Kris reminds Kim that she ‘can’t control’ what Kanye does and that ‘he’s doing this to himself.’

The SKIMS founder expresses anger over the fact that Kanye continues to use her in sex tape against her.

‘He looks so down on me for my [sex] tape and like brings it up all over town,’ she claims.

‘All over the media. Thanks for reminding people once again. All of his shenanigans is going to be far more damaging to the kids one day than my tape will ever be.’

While Kanye gets to scream his truth from the rooftops, Kim is frustrated that she’s forced to remain quiet.

But she also knows it’s for the best.

‘And I have to sit here and not say anything ever because I know one day my kids will appreciate that and I know that’s the best thing for them,’ explains Kim, who can barely hold back her tears.

She also notes that she’s had to keep a brave face for her four children, who are unaware of their father’s behavior and often play his music in the presence of their mother.

‘And by the way, I’m the one where s**t can be going down and I get in the car and everyday the kids want to blast dad’s music,’ she tells Kris.

‘And I’m like, “He’s the best! Yeah!” And I put it on and we’re singing along and inside I’m like dying because I will be his biggest cheerleader to them forever and one day they will see for themselves and I will answer whatever they want me to.’

She then slams Kanye’s ‘protector’ persona by telling her mother: ‘The one who does interviews saying they’re my “forever protector” is the one hurting me the most.’

Kim also claims that it was Kanye who ‘started a rumor that I was hooking up with Drake, that I was having an affair our whole marriage.’

She continues: ‘He accused me of that publicly. So, the person that’s supposed to protect me the most publicly would accuse me of having an affair throughout our whole marriage.

‘I really can’t wrap my head around how he thinks he is a protector.’

Kim also touches on the fact that Kanye tries to control everything that is said about him but does not give others the same courtesy.

‘I think sometimes Kanye will say to me, “Can I have approval on what you say about me on your show?”

‘And I will say, “Well, you just talked about me in this song, this song, this interview, this interview and you didn’t ask my permission.”

‘And I never say anything bad, I never say anything negative. If I say, “I’m exhausted,” I feel guilty about that. I am f**king exhausted.

‘For once can everyone just get their s**t together?’ Kim exclaims, her voice shaking as she tries to hold back tears.

‘So I can lose it, just once. I want to lose it once. I want to have a bad day and I can’t.”

Kim begins to sob as she says that she ‘can’t even be overwhelmed and have a bad day because no one else has theirs s**t together.’

Kris recognizes that Kim is ‘under a lot of stress’ in her current situation.

‘I don’t even think you realize the weight of the world is on your shoulders.’

‘And I don’t even know why I feel bad,’ says Kim. ‘I don’t know what to do and I don’t want to be a part of this narrative.

‘And it’s like when is this ever gonna end? Like it never will.’

Kim explains in confessional that it’s always ‘so intense’ with Kanye and that she has no interest in engaging in a public feud with him.’

‘I feel like I have to do something especially when it involves other people and it hurts other people. Hurt me, just keep it with me.

‘I am stuck with this for the rest of my life,’ she tells Kris.

Kris replies: ‘You can’t control someone else’s behavior you have to look at the history of this. We were there for him for so many years.

‘And then you finally decided that you couldn’t take it anymore and that it wasn’t in the best interest of you or your children.

‘You got a divorce. You did the only thing you could do,’ the matriarch concludes.

Earlier in the episode, Kris notices that Kim is struggling with psoriasis breakouts on her legs as she applies an anti-itch cream.

‘Well, tell the father of my children to stop acting up and then I won’t stress out and get psoriasis,’ Kim snaps at her mother.

She is directly referencing the drawn-out divorce she went through with Kanye West, which was only just resolved in November after nearly two years.

‘Your leg looks pretty good despite what you’re going through,’ Kris remarks.

‘The [drama] is penetrating me 100%. I just feel this is the time where I want to stay single because I fall quickly but I don’t want to,’ Kim explains.

‘Do you think that you’re one of those people that can’t be alone really?’ Kris asks.

Though Kim insists she ‘loves being alone,’ Kris reminds her that she’s almost ‘always’ with someone whether it be a boyfriend or her tight-knit friend group.

Kris notes Kim always ‘[has] to be busy’ and Kim has no problem admitting that she’s a ‘workaholic’ but that she is looking forward to enjoying more time to herself.

‘I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining but I just don’t want to be out and it’s so hard because it’s my business and I have to do press for my podcast and I have to do press for this and I have to do press for this,’ she laments.

‘I want to be as private as I want to be and just live my life and not date or date five people if I want to.’


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