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Ocean Made Seafood has announced Johnny Di Francesco as a chef of the month

Ocean Made Seafood has announced Johnny Di Francesco as a chef of the month

Johnny Fi Francesco is also known as “Mr. Pizza” at home. Johnny Di Francesco based in Melbourne and he is the one who is named as the best on the planet at The 2014 World Pizza Championships in Napoli. Johnny’s passion for Italian cuisine draws from customary Neapolitan methods, with his family who belongs from Naples. Most of late Oceania’s Best Pizza, Johnny picked his Frutti Di Mare Pizza to dazzle the group over at Ocean Made Seafood

With regards to making the world’s best pizza, Australian Pizzaiolo does not as a rule come into view – yet one Aussie has changed that. What’s more, with a large group of grant wins and various effective cafes added to his range, Johnny has set up himself as a powerhouse universally. On greeting, Johnny spent a lot of mid-2014 abroad to speak to his nation of origin on a few key pizza occasions. Judging and contending. Johnny visited Paris, Las Vegas, and Parma to share his master information and put his extraordinary stamp on the global pizza space. 

Finishing in his World Pizza Championship win, Johnny has picked up public and worldwide media consideration, media inclusion, and acknowledgment.  Johnny’s devotion to making top-notch pizza has likewise granted him the craved position of Australasian Principal of V.P.N, a worldwide affiliation situated in Naples that is committed to ensuring and advancing real Neapolitan Pizza. Just two culinary specialists in Australia have been granted this honor. 

Awards and Achievements 

  • Crowned number 1 at the 2014 World Pizza Championship for best STG pizza in 2014 
  • Australasian Principal of V.P.N 
  • Named number 3 at the 2014 Vegas International Pizza Expo for STG pizza 
  • He was a Judge in  World Pizza Championship held in 2015 again.
  • The face of Breville’s new home pizza stove highlighting across the Qantas and Jet star networks 
  • Captain of The Australian Pizza Team 
  • Ambassador and judge speaking to Australia at regular international occasions, for example, The International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas and the well-known Parizza occasion in Paris 
  • A national and global media sensation, putting Australia on the world guide for astonishing, valid pizza 
  • Creation of the 99 cheddar pizza, coming about in international coverage 
  • Invited to make pizza to observe Sophia Loren’s Melbourne visit 

In 2018, Johnny Di Francesco, proprietor, and author of 400 Gradi has now been named Chef of the Month by Ocean Made Seafood. Well-known for his reality winning aptitudes and most of late Oceania’s Best Pizza, Johnny picked his Frutti Di Mare Pizza to dazzle the group over at Ocean Made Seafood, and it plainly didn’t confuse!

Joining his pizzaiolo aptitudes with his affection for shellfish, Johnny made one of his unmatched most loved dining experiences. New fish loaded with flavor, cooked by Johnny, and added on top of his honor winning pizza, takes the Frutti Di Mare Pizza to an unheard-of level.  Accessible at all 400 Gradi eateries, clients can taste the delicious pizza, or make it themselves with the formula appended.

Johnny’s interminable information on valid Italian flavors and his adoration for fish permits him to make new dishes with unparalleled tasty ness. In front of the family-orientated and food free for all that is the Christmas season, Johnny has a wide scope of tips and deceives for how to make basic and staggering Italian-propelled dishes for your late spring Christmas festivities – including how to cook prawns with truffle and cauliflower and celeriac. 

One of his famous Pizza Recipes got so much attention and popularity among the people and made him win the hearts of Pizza lovers.


Ingredients: For 4 Serving appx of 250g pizza. for that one has to take a mixture of 2g Spolverina flour, 80g cooked tomato, 80g Fior di latte, 6 mussels, 2 half scallop,4 shellfishes,4 calamari rings,3 21/25 (size) prawns,15g rocket,5ml additional virgin olive oil. 

After having all the ingredients one has to follow the following method to have delicious pizza.

First of all, for the fish, you have heat oil with garlic in a container and then add calamari rings and scallops, after that Add mussels and shellfishes, add shrimp, add parsley and at the end drain fluid and put fish in a safe spot for a second. 

Now time to assemble the Pizza in the Oven and for that, you need to heat the oven at 240C, once it is done have to spread the tomato on the pizza base and then scatter the fior di latte and shower additional virgin olive oil. Once all is done you have to cook the pizza until fresh around the edges and the cheddar has relaxed for approx. around 10 mins. Now it’s time to enjoy delicious pizza and for that, you have to remove from the broiler and plate the rocket over the top.  Place cooked fish over the rocket and serve. 

Johnny Di Francesco has made his name all over the globe for Pizza and he specializes in that. All the pizza lovers do appreciate his hard work and for that, he got many appreciations from the big name. and this is the reason and his making style he has been announced as the chef of the month by Ocean made seafood. 

Whenever in town, one must try his specialized pizza and you will get to know how he has a unique skill in cooking seafood pizza.


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