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Know Phillip Schofield partner, secret boyfriend & ex-wife

Know Phillip Schofield partner, secret boyfriend & ex-wife

Phillip Schofield’s partner, Stephanie Lowe recently made headlines in 2023 when rumors of him having an affair with a person of the same sex were all over the media. Stephanie Lowe and Phillip Schofield had been married for 27 years and the exact reason for their divorce is unknown but some speculate that the entry of a third person in their life became the reason for their separation. Phillip Schofield revealed his sexual orientation way back in 2020 when he openly accepted being a homosexual. So does it seem obvious that he is dating someone these days and has a secret boyfriend? After revealing his true sexual orientation, Phillip Schofield had to suffer in terms of his career where he lost several running projects and had to resign from a few posts.

We will unfurl all mysteries, rumors, and facts regarding this news and will educate you regarding Phillip Schofield’s partner and personal life. If you regularly follow British Media, then the face of Philip Schofield is not new to you. He is one of the leading and active English TV presenters. He has been active in the entertainment industry for more than 4 decades. Phillip Schofield has worked in more than three dozen shows and even hosted a few of them. He has also worked in a couple of movies. The year 2022 was the most honorable year for him because he was given a chance to host the “The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration” along with “Julie Etchingham”. From working in a radio station to having served the honor of hosting this prestigious ceremony, Philip Schofield has come a long way in his career. Meanwhile, he married Stephanie Lowe in 1993 and the couple has two children. So what circumstances led Phillip Schofield to rethink his sexual orientation?

Phillip Schofield’s childhood and background

Phillip Scholfield was born on 1 April 1962 in Oldham, England. He has briefly lived in New Zealand therefore he has citizenship in both countries. Phillip Schofield is a famous TV host and presenter who has been in the industry for more than 40 years. You must have recognized him from the  “The Cube” show which was a reality game show from England.

Though he was born in Oldham England, his family moved to another part of the country when he was just 18 months of age. The family in search of better opportunities moved to the South Western part of England in Newquay, Cornwall. He did his primary schooling at the Trenance Infant School while for higher secondary he migrated to Newquay Tretherras School. His first ever project was working in a radio station. Phillip Schofield at the age of 15 started working on Hospital Radio Plymouth.

After working for local Radio, Philip Schofield was clear about which field to venture to kickstart his career. He wrote several jobs and appointment letters to the BBC and finally, when he was 17 years of age, he was inducted to the BBC Radio at Broadcasting House, London as a tea boy and a clerk making him the youngest employee of those times.

Phillip Schofield career

Initial days in Radio station – As mentioned, Phiillips’s family relocated to Newquay, Cornwall from Oldham where he started working at the Hospital Radio Plymouth when he was just 15. Then after trying multiple times for the BBC London, he moved to London where his initial work was as a clerk and tea server. This turned out to be a turning point in his career. In the year 1988, he got an opportunity to be a presenter for the “Going Live ” show which was also broadcast on the BBC radio channel with the same name on Sundays. Phillip Schofield immediately grabbed the opportunity and got a massive outreach.

Phillip Schofield in the TV industry – You will be surprised to know that Phillip’s debut show was not in England but in another country. Phillip Schofield while he was 19 moved to New Zealand with his family and he was offered to be the TV presenter for a popular show called “Shazam!!” in the year 1982. At that time he also used to hustle and worked for Radio Hauraki in Auckland New Zealand. But he did not remain in New Zealand for long; he turned back to England three years later.

In 1985, when he arrived, he was offered to be a presenter on Children’s BBC for a show called “Broom Cupboard” which was telecasted weekly. He continued to work with the show for continuous 2 years. It was only in 1987 that he became the presenter for the “Going Live” show which lasted for another 6 years he also hosted an award show that goes by the name “Smash Hits Poll Winners Party” for 3 years.

Most of the projects Phillip undertook were mostly from the BBC or the ITV group. For BBC he hosted “National Lottery Winning Lines”, and “Test the Nation” which was a quiz show. By the year 1990 Phillip Schofield was able to save some amount of money to produce and fund his own shows, During the 90s, he collaborated with ITV channel and made iconic shows such as Ten Ball, Schofield’s Quest, and Schofield’s TV after the first half of the 90s he hosted shows such as “One in a Million” and “Talking Telephone Numbers”.

Theatre – Philip Schofield has also done theater for a short duration, he has performed twice in theater in a musical format. The first time he performed at West End Stage way back in 1991 where he played the character of Joseph from the ” Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat ” while for the second time, he played the character of Dr. Dolittle in London.

Apart from all the mainstream work, he has also interviewed famous politicians, and personalities, and has hosted award shows. Previously he has interviewed ex-PM  “David Cameron” and he handed him a list of pedophiles in connection to the “ North Wales child abuse scandal” that included names of some members of senior Conservatives.

Phillip Schofield’s sexual orientation and ex-wife Stephanie Lowe

Phillip Schofield has admitted to being gay after spending a fair amount of time in a heterosexual marriage with ex-wife Stephanie Lowe. The couple also have two children. Because of his sexual orientation, Philip has always been surrounded by controversies. His orientation had always been complex. Prior to marrying Stephanie Lowe, Phillip Schofield was of the notion that he was bisexual. The couple got married in March 1993 when Phillip was 25 and was working at Children’s BBC. Stephanie was working as a production assistant there. The name of their first daughter is Molly who was born in 1993 and 3 years later, the couple was blessed with another girl which they named Ruby. Everything seemed normal between the family until 2020.

In February 2020, Schofield accepted being gay on an Instagram Story shared by him. He disclosed in an interview that his wife and daughters supported him and accepted the fact of him being a homosexual. After this, the couple separated and Phillip moved out to Chiswick, London while the rest of the family members stayed in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. Though they are living separately, Phillip Schofield and Stephanie Lowe are still a married couple according to UK laws. Phillip Schofield has often been seen wearing his wedding ring even after parting ways with his ex-wife.

Another controversy that gripped Phillip Schofield happened in April 2023. His brother, Timothy Schofield was proven guilty of a sexual offense involving a minor teenage boy. Phillip Schofield was aware of the act which was revealed by Timothy in the court’s trial but Phillip did not turn his brother to the police and advised him to seek a doctor’s consultation.

Who Is Phillip Schofield’s Secret Boyfriend?

After Phillip Schofield openly disclosed his orientation, he was interviewed by the Daily Mail on 26 May 2023. Phillip’s revelation about his partner’s choice cost him his career. People seem to be divided between choice, morals, and the legality of the issue. In the interview, Phillip disclosed that he was having a relationship with a young male ITV employee while he was married.

The name of the employee was not disclosed but he hinted that he first met his boyfriend’s age at the time of their meeting was 15 and was a student of drama school. He first met him there while he was delivering a speech at the school. He helped his secret boyfriend in landing a job at “This Morning” show where he was interviewed and selected for the role of production assistant. People believe that the secret boyfriend is none other than Mathew McGreevy. Phillip Schofield and Mathew McGreevy have been spotted together multiple times. People have unearthed old pictures of Phillip Schofield and Mathew McGreevy together. Mathew Mcgreevy is also a known face to the public. He has appeared in many movies and shows. His famous projects include “Next Level Chef UK”, “Harriet’s Army”, “Murder in Province”, and “The Sparticle Mystery”.

What has really kept people bewildered is that Phillip claims to have established the relationship when his boyfriend attained 20 years of age while Phillip was already in mid 50s. People, media, and the production houses speculated that this claim was only made to avert legal troubles therefore he was forced to resign from ITV whereas Phillip stated that his relationship may not have any moral ground but it was consensual as well as legal.

The ITV production on their part claims that they conducted an investigation and denied all the information given by Phillip Schofield. His iconic show “This Morning” is now hosted by Willoughby and Jane McDonald will be replacing him for hosting “The British Soap Awards”. Not only does Phillip suffer from exclusion from projects but also mentally. In an interview given to “BBC,” he admitted to attempting suicide but his daughters helped him in coping with grief. He claimed all media were homophobic and apathetic. Phillip Schofield also claims of ended the relationship with Mathew Mcgreevy.