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Who is Matthew Mcgreevy? know his age & bf Phillip Schofield

Who is Matthew Mcgreevy? know his age & bf Phillip Schofield

Matthew Mcgreevy is an English actor, and production assistant who has worked on a couple of projects”Next Level Chef UK”, “Murder in Province”, “The Sparticle Mystery”, and “Madness in the Method”. People have somehow assumed that Matthew Mcgreevy and Phillip Schofield had a secret relationship while working for the ITV production house for “This Morning” show. Phillip Schofield was the host since the show began decades ago while Matthew Mcgreevy was a production assistant. Things do resonate about the description of the secret boyfriend elaborated by “Phillip Schofield” when he gave an interview to Daily Mail UK soon after he resigned from ITV. Phillips now confirms ending the relationship but the facts tell a different story. Was Matthew McGreevy responsible for the divorce of Phillip Schofield with his Stephanie Lowe? Was he the secret boyfriend? All the information taking account of all facts will be disclosed about Matthew Mcgreevy and his relationship with Phillip Schofield.

Who is Matthew McGreevy? 

Mathew McGreevy is a British actor who was also a production assistant for the “This Morning” project. He is nowadays associated with “Phillip Schofield” for having a secret homosexual relationship with the famed anchor and host. He was born on 21 March 1996 and is currently 26 years of age. You might remember him as “Clarent” from the BBC show “The Sparticle Mystery”.

Born in Manchester, England he has worked on many projects of TV series in his career that include “Murder in Province”, “The Sparticle Mystery”, “Madness in the Method”, and “Next Level Chef UK” along with Chef Gordon Ramsay. He went to drama school where he met Phillip Schofield for the first time. At that time he was 15 years old even some media houses claimed him to be 10 years old. In recent years you must have seen him in “The Mill”, “Harriet’s Army”, “Banana”, and “In the Flesh” shows. 

How old is Matthew McGreevy? 

Matthew McGreevy according to 2023 is 26 years. He was born on 21 March 1996.

What is the age gap between Phillip Schofield and his boyfriend Matthew McGreevy?

They both first met when Phillip Schofield was in his mid-50s and had gone to give a seminar in the drama school. Matthew was a student there and was 15 years of age. There is also some reference to him being 10 years but it seems illogical for a drama student to be of that age. Then he arranged an interview for Matthew in his show “This Morning”. Matthew was selected and hired for the role of production assistant. During the hiring, Matthew was 20 years of age and the gap between the two was 37 years when they began dating. 

Is Matthew McGreevy gay or bisexual?

There is not much information regarding Mattew Mcgreevy in the public domain but as claims made by Phillip Schofield, Matthew’s sexual orientation is either gay or bisexual. Unlike Phillip Schofield, Matthew has not given any clarification regarding his orientation yet. 

Phillip Schofield’s sexual orientation and boyfriend Matthew McGreevy’s details

Phillip Schofield has openly accepted being homosexual on 7 February 2020. He posted it on his Instagram story. An interview revealed that initially, he thought he was bi-sexual but later he found out that he was gay, and about Matthew Mcgreevy, it is not confirmed. He hasn’t made any public announcement yet. Even though there is no evidence that the secret boyfriend Phillip talked about, he was referring to him. Speculations are only made due to the description and social media posts where they have been snapped together. 

Phillip Schofield’s revelation of his boyfriend Matthew McGreevy on 26 May 2023.

After he came out as gay, Phillip Schofield further sparked a controversy when he gave an interview to the Daily Mail in May 2023. He revealed that he had a secret relationship with a secret boyfriend whose age was 20 at the time they first met. He admitted to being in a relationship even when Phillip was married to Stephanie Lowe. These revelations not only led to tension in his personal life but he had to suffer professionally as well. He had to resign from ITV and leave the “This Morning” show which he had been hosting for the past 20 years. 

What is the relationship between Mathew McGreevy and Phillip Schofield?

There is not anything concrete about the rumors that are being spread between the two, only assumptions and speculation are being made. Let us consider all the assumptions that are prevailing among the media and the masses. The most common assumption is that they are both gays and are dating. Firstly, it is only Phillip Schofield who has publicly accepted being gay after spending 27 years of time in a heterosexual marriage with his ex-wife Stephanie Lowe. The couple also has two daughters from the marriage named “Molly” and “Ruby ”. These claims were made by Phillip Schofield in February 2020 since then his wife and him have parted ways but are still married legally. Whereas Mathew McGreevy has never claimed him be homosexual or bisexual.

Second, all these assumptions are only made on the basis of facts given by Phillip Schofield in an interview. Throughout the interview, he did not take any direct name of Matthew McGreevy. It can be only considered as a coincidence that the description of his secret boyfriend given by him has attributes and backgrounds similar to Matthew Mcgreevy.

Another argument that is against the assumption that Phillip Schofield immediately after his interview went viral denied having any relations. He claimed that he had broken up with his secret boyfriend but are still friends. He also apologized for his interview for revealing the private life of him and his boyfriend. He accepted that his acts were immoral but not illegal and the relation was a co-sensual one. 


Matthew McGreevy’s physical attributes and professional history do match the description given by Phillip Schofield in his interview. He is currently 26 years of age and was exactly 15 years old when Phillip was 52 years of age. He joined the ITV group when he was 20 years of age. He has also attended drama school during high school. So there is only a 1 percent chance that the boyfriend Phillip Schofield talked about in his interview given to Daily Mail is Mattew Mcgreevy. There are also some photographs of them together to support the argument.