The 5 Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards You Can Buy in 2021

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Want to get out on the water? The fast growing sport of stand up paddle boarding, aka SUP, has become widespread in Australia and around the world. Want to explore the coast? Paddle around river estuaries or just enjoy the water with friends? An inflatable SUP is fun, easy to enjoy and increasingly afforable.

Having said that, there is a lot of choice for stand up paddleboards on the market, so which are the best ones to get in 2021?

First of all – why choose an inflatable SUP?

Inflatable vs Rigid

The benefits of inflatable paddle boards are that they are easy to transport, lightweight, fun to ride (with a very small learning curve) and of course they’re easy to store too. Increasingly the quality of these boards is also excellent, so choosing inflatable vs rigid SUPs is even trickier for the entry level paddle boarder.

One of the main benefits of a rigid board is that they tend to be faster, more manoeuvrable and can be used to surf small to medium sized waves.

If you’re planning on hobby riding, then an inflatable SUP is a good investment.

So, which is the best inflatable paddle board to buy in 2021.

choosing the best stand up paddleboard for 2021

Red Ride MSL 10′ 6″

When it comes to inflatable paddle boards, Red are the guys to beat. They make easily the best quality boards which are often used by SUP schools and rentals, and you’ll probably see a Red board cruising the waters near you.

Why are Red so good? The quality is top notch, the accessories such as the paddle are all also five star and the boards feel great in the water.

Yes, you pay a premium for a Red board, but there is a reason for that. The 10′ 6″ is their most popular seller, but there are a whole stack of options to check out in the Red SUP catalogue.

Price: Around AU$1600.

Jobe Yarra 10′ 6″

Another solid board from a great company, the Jobe Yarra is a top quality piece of kit. Coming in at just under 10 kilos in the bag, you can be out on the water with this super stylish inflatable paddle board in under ten minutes.

This is a very durable piece of kit, and is pretty nifty in the water too. Jobe offer a solid choice of quality boards, but the Yarra is ideal for both entry level and experienced riders with its size and rigidity.

Price: Around $700

Aqua Marina Fusion

With it’s funky orange profile, this is definitely an eye catching SUP. Aqua Marina have updated their inflatable stand up paddleboards for 2021, and the Fusion benefits from improved stability with it’s larger size.

Coming in at 10′ 10″, this is a great board for slightly choppier waters with it’s longer and wider build. It’s also a nicely put together piece of kit and is suitable for beginners to advanced paddle boarders. And, with its wider profile, it’s also good for sports, yoga and even taking your kids or dog for a ride.

Price: Around $500

JP Australia CruisAir

Keeping it Ozzie, the CruisAir range from JP Australia are lovely boards made for speedy touring. Their longer boards, with a thinner profile, make for a smoother movement through all waters and are great for touring or surfing.

Granted, you’re not gonna be carving barrels on this bad boy any time soon, but you’ll be cutting across harbors or touring rivers to your hearts content. There is a great choice in the CruisAir range so check out the one thats right for you.

Price: From $700

iRocker Nautical 11.6

One of the most popular brands for stand up paddle boards, iRocker know how to put together a nice piece of kit. Their Nautical 11.6 is one of their biggest entry level boards and is perfect for beginners and intermediate riders.

At the time of writing, they’re also including a free electric pump with orders in Australia, so check them out.

Price: Around $750

So there you have it, out choice of the 5 best stand up paddleboards available in 2021. Are you going to invest in one of these great boards? Or do you have your eye on another model? Let us know in the comments below…


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