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The Necessity of having a PCC When Staying in Australia


There are methods of having a police clearance certificate for the necessity of the job you have. The PCC is the kind of official document that is being issued by the individual police and it is also being authorized by the official Australian government. The document helps in the identification of the criminal record that an individual can possess against his or her name and at the same time will also help with a clearance certificate if things are absolutely clear and sound. The PCC is necessary for both foreign and Australian nationals who are known to reside in Australia for several reasons. 

Reason for the Certificate 

The Police Clearance Certificate is necessary for applying for a vocational position that is in need of clearance. You also need the certificate to seek immigration or also to obtain visas to other nations. The certificate is also necessary to satisfy the request of any organization. The Australian PCC does not have a specific period of validity that is being formalized on the certificate. Generally, it is applicable for six months. However, the period can vary based on the authority which is the point of application submission. It is important that the PCC should be issued only to those who are more than 18 years of age. 

Applying for the Certificate 

The individuals who apply for the Australian PCC are broadly divided into the following categories based on their nationality and the present place of residence. The certificate is applicable for nationals who stay in Australia. It is also necessary for the Australian nationals who are staying outside Australia. It is also the required certificate for foreign nationals staying in Australia. In recent times, the Australian government has altered the process of PCC application mainly for the Australian nationals who are there in Australia and this is for the self-help model where the applicants should apply for the online PCC by means of the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) website.

Essential Steps to Follow 

You have the various steps to follow when applying for the PCC by means of PSK. First, you have to create a PSK profile on the website. Then you have to complete the details o the online application form and pay the fee and schedule the appointment for the successful submission of the documents to the adjacent PSK. In this case, it is necessary to have the required police verification and here your personal presence is compulsory. 

More Rules to Adhere 

It is necessary to collect the PCC from the PSK in time and it is necessary that you collect the same in person. You even have the option of dispatching the PCC directly to the address of the applicant from the point of the PSK via the registered or the speed post. In fact, it should not take more than fifteen to twenty working days from the date of submitting the application for the reason to receive a response in time. The Australian nationals who are staying outside Australia can refer to the Australian Diplomatic Mission/Post, and it has jurisdiction over the residence of the applicant and they can at best apply for PCC in person.  



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