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Top Technologies to Acquire During the COVID-19 Pandemic


The stringent coronavirus lockdowns keep people from roaming outside their houses, and they now need something to keep them company.   

The COVID-19 pandemic turns into the most significant global health challenge that ever occurred in the new century. Among the 195 countries, there are now less than 20 countries that remain unaffected by the dreaded virus. Thus, a whopping percentage of the population in the world already witnessed the cruelty the crisis can bring.

There have been attempts to lift restrictions for lockdowns in pursuit of finally going back to everyday lives. Still, the possibility of having a stable transition toward new beginnings is out of reach.

The emergence of new COVID-19 variants even makes everything more complicated, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization. The initial coronavirus has constantly been mutating, spreading multiple variants that can easily infect more people.

The worst part of this situation is that the coronavirus itself is now people’s invisible enemy, claiming and changing lives radically without letting people know who has it. Although there are masks, face shields, and other personal protective equipment everybody can use, people will never know when or to whom they could get it. 

The recent studies about the virus being transmitted through air, in addition to droplets transmission, complicate the state even more. People can wash their hands all day long or wear their face shields at all times. Social distancing can reduce the risk, but the possibility of contracting it is still there.

Thus, the virus can trick once everyone lets their guards down.

Currently, the best way to prevent further transmission is to stay at home as much as possible. By doing so, people will not carry coronavirus and expose their loved ones at home. The number of super spreaders will also decrease as fast as the number of COVID-19 cases can drop.

Staying at home may be boring and dull, but you can keep yourself entertained while safeguarding your family from the fearsome virus. Out of all technologies out there, here are the top great finds you should get to help you around during the pandemic.

Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets

When you cannot get outside your home, your eyes and mind can.

VR headsets are among the leading technologies of this generation. By simply connecting it to your devices and wearing the headset smoothly, you can finally have an out-of-this-world experience, as exciting as its name implies. They allow users to go places and outer space even when you are at home — so that’s a whole new adventure without spending so much! 

Aside from touring and traveling, VR will keep you active at home. There are VR-compatible games that can expand your social life while playing your favorite hero or character. Even heart-pounding mystery VR games like the famous Resident Evil release and the must-try Hello Neighbor would keep you sweltering. As it brings entertainment and an exciting way to exercise, you can hit two goals with one item — all just by staying at home.

Smart Watches

These small but terrible items have transformed into valuable gadgets that provide COVID-19 and health information.

Multiple companies already released their types and designs of smartwatches. They also vary in features. Of course, a more advanced watch comes at a higher price. But you can choose what you need depending on where you want to use it.

Most of them have a heart rate monitoring system and oxygen level detector. These physiological markers are significant nowadays to warn people if they catch the virus. Before suffering from symptoms, COVID-19 patients reportedly experience extreme changes in their bodies. For instance, these markers can warn about inflammation or an incoming sickness.

Aside from that, smartwatches also remind the users to drink enough water throughout the day or take a break when they are already too stressed out. These devices can coach people at home while tracking the users’ heart rate and SpO2.

High-End Laptops, Tablets

The pandemic currently limits human touch, and advanced devices can help people be in touch with their loved ones. Due to the quarantine measures, in-person interactions became a big no-no. Because of this, almost all activities have been converted online. 

The internet serves as the location for all parties and gatherings. People do dance lessons online, as well. Employers observe work from home set up to keep people away from the public and busy streets.

Besides, most medical facilities’ rehabilitation centers opt to have online therapies to give their patients continuous training without exposing themselves to one another.

You can achieve these activities with durable and high-end laptops or tablets. A device should endure long-time talking hours and uptime to improve the quality of life within the corners of the home. The upgrade in the information and communications industry also requires a higher type of device. 

Exercise Equipment

To prevent even non-COVID-19 related illnesses, people should learn to exercise regularly. Lifts and bars may be a hassle to use. That’s why workouts at home are made unchallenging by fitness technology.

Since going outside is not being encouraged, you probably miss riding your bicycle to enjoy the beauty of the trail. Amid this pandemic, you can continue exercising your lower body with stationary bikes. This can help users engage in a cardio workout to keep their bodies healthy and fit.

There are also treadmills for runners that can keep their feet moving at home. You can even choose to buy manual treadmills to save electricity. It will be a little arduous since your lower body needs to work on the equipment’s belt and rollers to make it move.

For golfers, one can enjoy a realistic game with the help of virtual golf launch monitors such as Skytrak. Its accurate measurement system will help our elderly break a sweat without exposing themselves outside.

Once you are done cutting down your body’s unnecessary calories, you can check your weight using smart scales. Compared to the traditional scales, these modern scales can measure multiple metrics aside from your weight. They can even calculate your body fat and guide you on which part of your body you should work on more.

Fortunately, these items can be delivered straight to your doorsteps, preventing you from risking yourself from the virus and going out during lockdowns.


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